Not on Christmas!


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New Madonna photos and Don’t Cry for Me!

Here are two new pictures of Madonna shot by SEX (book) photographer, Steven Miesel, shot for the new Louis Vuitton line by Marc Jacobs. The campaign should start in February ’09.


And here is a clip of Madonna on her Sticky & Sweet Tour singing You Must Love Me in Argentina adding, appropriately in Argentina.

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Me being kinda dumb and Procrastinating!

I’m not sure if there are any words for this.   This dedicated to Carla.


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Madonna in Oakland: Sticky & super Sweet!


MADONNA  was amazing!  IT was soo much fun to be there with my family.  the night before on halloween, somewhere, somehow i got a stomach bug.  so i was up all night being sick, but that didn’t stop me from having a good time at the show. our seats were really good, right next to the stage on the right side.  we got to see her go down on the lift …   My mom had a great time, which is what really what i wanted.  The show was amazing!  my favorites were vogue, she’s not me, into the groove, you must love me, la isla bonita!  and like a prayer.   I loved the my favorite section was the Old school section and surprisingly the gypsy section.  it was just so colorful and full of energy.  Miles Away was amazing to clap to…  I hated the last section.  I loved like a prayer and give it to me.  but the rest sucked.  4minutes didn’t look or sound good.  even though he wasn’t there, madonna was still overshadowed by JT. plus she was humping the TV screens….lame.  RAy of light was the exact same as Confessions and Hung Up was a torturous version.  You just couldn’t get into it.  But give it to me ended the show strong..   YOu could tell she was not in the most well-rested mood that night.  She seemed a little pissed off.
The second night i went by my self.  i was basically in the same seat except on the other side of the stage, plus i was three rows down and a few seats closer to the stage…so it was a better view.  Madonna was definitely in a great mood that night.  She must have been tired the night before from traveling but i guess she got her sleep, cuz she was amazing and the crowd was definitely better.  It was great to see her a second time because i noticed so much more this time around than i did the night before.  the Sticky & Sweet tour is just amazing because its soo much fun.  ITs like a big party.  She shakes it and dances around almost the entire time.  This second show you could just tell she was loving us.  At one point she was laying down close to my section and everyone was cheering and she looks at the first few rows and says “that is the sound of love.” and we definitely loved her that night.
Madonna has always been political and so when she performed on election night, you know she was going to celebrate with the crowd!
She even wore her Obama Madonna shirt, sold at the concerts!
AND last night she had Britney and Justin on stage with her!

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Awkward McCain moment and a pathetic McCain aide moment

Its one thing that Joe the Plumber wasn’t where he was supposed to be at a McCain rally, as in the first video.  Awkward, but not horrible.


But in this second clip, a McCain aide is being interviewed on CNN, makes harsh comments and accusations about Barack Obama and then has absolutely nothing to back it up.  ITs hard to watch.  

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Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live

Holy shit.

Did you see SNL the other night with Sarah Palin on it? So funny…

Palin was a bit awkward and stiff doing the opening scene when she was with Lorne Michaels watching Tina Fey imitate her. But the real highlight was when Palin was guest on SNL Weekend Update with Amy Poehler and Seth Myers.

Palin was “supposed” to rap, but pulled out so Amy took it on. The rap was absolutely pure comedic genius. I’ve seen it like ten times.

Click here to watch Amy rap Palin style.

“Now ya dead, now ya dead. Cuz I’m an animal and I”m bigger than you!”

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Tina Turner….

….Rocked the house last night at San Jose’s Hp Pavilion. The show was awesome. She didn’t play that many songs that I knew word for word, but the ones she did sing were great. My favorites were: Private Dancer, We Don’t Need Another Hero, Be Good To Me, Proud Mary, Nutbush City Limits and Simply the Best. The high point though above all of those was when she sang What’s Love Got to Do With It. I think that is when everyone in the Pavilion really felt connected.

The show was less elaborate than I thought it was going to be. Tina looked fabulous and she sounded as good as she ever has, though she definitely doesn’t dance like she used to, but she’s 67 years old, so thats ok. There was 30 minute intermission in the middle of the show and that was kind of weird, but all in all it was a great show. We had seats in the upper balcony, but we could see the stage and Tina pretty good. It didn’t seem too far away. And we got to sit next to some very enthusiastic lesbians.

It was a great great show and how many people can say they saw Tina on her last tour ever. This show has made me so excited to see Madonna in two weeks because we were far away from Tina but saw her great and my tickets for Madonna are right by the stage….

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Stern Regulars ‘console’ each other over Leham Brothers Bankruptcy

My Favorite is when the guy pulls up his shirt.

Sal “the Stockbroker” Governale and Richard Christy, two Howard Stern regulars, staged a gay kiss and nipple-biting session in front of Lehman Brothers while CNN’s Allan Chernoff reported on the firm’s bankruptcy in the foreground.

I’m not quite sure what message of consolation their stunt brings, though it’s hard to imagine anyone walking their desks out of Lehman was laughing.

From Towlerload

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Madonna dedicates a song to the Pope…

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More on Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour

Costume designs for Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet tour have hit the Web!

Madge has teamed up again with designer/stylist Arianne Phillips. The two have worked together for about 11 years.

Phillips told Women’s Wear Daily that this new tour has posed an interesting challenge.

She says, “Normally we prep in April and May, and open in June. This time, the tour begins in August. It’s a nightmare. Everyone in Italy and France is on a beach sunning themselves.”

Phillips also revealed, “Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci designed two outfits and Tom Ford provided bespoke suits for the band. Three pairs of shoes have been custom-made by Miu Miu, there are thigh-high boots courtesy of Stella McCartney, sunglasses from Moschino, and other outfits and odds and ends from Yves Saint Laurent, Roberto Cavalli, and Jeremy Scott.”


Also, as in the past, this tour will be divided into four sections.

The first references gangsta pimp and Art Deco with Givenchy costumes. The dominatrix look will be featured prominently:

“It’s a theme that runs throughout her career. She’s not afraid of being hard,” said the costume designer.

The second section has been termed “Old School” and looks back at Madge’s early days in New York. This section will feature some vintage prints from Keith Haring, the late graffiti artist and friend of Madonna who died of AIDS in 1990. Phillips said, “He and Madonna were friends. If he were alive, it would be his 50th birthday as well. So I thought, ‘What if we revisited that?’”

The third party will be gypsy-influenced and the final section will feature a futuristic rave look with lots of Japanese influences.

Phillips also went on to say that getting older has had little effect on Madge’s sense of fashion adventure, “She always wants to push the envelope. There are no vanity considerations based on her age…She looks good in everything.”

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Anderson Cooper is such a sexy bitch!

Ok, I”m on the boat, Anderson Cooper needs to be my daddy. He was hosting on Live! in place of Regis and went off on the crazy fucking Lohans. He wasn’t naked or rubbing his cock through his suit, but he is such a hot man. Just the way he talks turns me on. Yum!

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This is beautiful!

These videos made me cry. Its great.

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OMG-Neverending Story Greatness!

I always thought it was a chick singing this song,,,no its some gay guy fromt he 80’s. Love it!

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If you’re like me, B-Movies have a special place in your heart. Sometime I just crave watching a good bad movie.

I have one all time favorite b-movie. My dad had it when I was younger, and I probably should never had seen it back then, I”m sure it did some damage, but I love it.


This is Edna, the evil over eating mean as shit dorm “mother.”

This Charlie and her girls, the toughest girls around!

Here is the trailer:

The dorm riot scene is my favorite!


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4th of July, Olive the Puppy, Wigs, Drinks, One Dildo and More

Earlier this month I went on my annual pilgrimage to my Mom’s house in the mountains to soak up a week of sun, pool and relaxation with my family for the week of 4th of July. I love these trips because it affords me an escape from San Francisco, a city I love, but a place I need to get away from and forget from time to time. After each trip I feel rejuvenated about life and all the possibilities waiting for me back in the city and beyond.

As always I take some pretty funny pictures and videos and love to share them here.

First of all, I have to get it out of the way. Mom and her partner, Benitta, got a new puppy named Olive. She’s cute and adorable and all that. So for all you dog freaks out there here is the obligatory gratuitous puppy video.

My sister, Carla, brought along her roommate and good friend, Amy. Amy looks like a Kim so thats what I call her. She also has a fierce crush on me and has even tried gluing hair to her chest and brandishing a dildo to win my affection. She has yet to be successful, though I do give her a little ray of hope here and there. What? Its always nice to be wanted.

Kim is a big fan of wigs, so she brought a few for us to play with. I think i had a little too much fun with them, especially the pink and black one!

The more we drink the funnier we get and the more attention we need, hence all the pictures and videos. Carla actually smoked pot and was a funny ass bitch. Of course we held our annual hand standing competition and I kicked Kim’s ass and reinforced what a big queen I am.

This is me in the green wig and Kim in the “Cougar.”

Benitta shows off her boobs.

My Mom. We love her.

Kim starring as “The Cougar.”

Each year we have an actual 4th of July Party. Carla and I don’t particularly like these because Mom and Benitta always invite over a bunch of people we don’t want to talk to, so we always just super drunk and separate from the crowd.

Carla had to pull Kim and to the side of the house to tell us that we were too drunk and to calm it down a bit. I didn’t what she was talking about, but I am later destined to pass out and someone took my favorite pair of RayBan sunglasses. Damn it.

Here are some excerpts…..Truth or Dare style.

We always have fun. Carla gets abusive, Mom get sentimental, Kim fingers the dildo and my voice gets gayer and gayer.

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Summer Reading List!

One of my favorite things to do in life is READ! I love how books can just transport you away into another world. That is what I attempt to do when I write, give an experience worthy of forgetting your own life for an hour or two.

For me, summer doesn’t really change anything, as I am not in school anymore. But I still read a lot more in the summer months than any part of the year….Well I get a lot of reading time in in winter as well, I love reading next to the window when its pouring out.

So here is a list of some of my favorite books that I would recommend to anyone and everyone who loves to read. If it has an * next to it, that means I especially love it. The more *** the book has, the more amazing and transportive it is. I especially love book that have to do with time: series of books, time travel book, period pieces, etc.

Jaime’s Summer Reading List:

All Harry Potter books by JK Rowling***
The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger*********************
The Golden Compass***, The Subtle Knife and the Amber Spyglass by Phillip Pullman
The Spell** and the Swimming Pool Diaries by Alan Hollinghurst
The Color Purple by Alice Walker******
All Tales of the City books by Armistead Maupin*************
Go Ask Alice by Anonymous
Siddhartha By Hermanne Hesse**
Dry** and Running with Scissors* and Magical Thinking**** and Possible Side Effects and Wolf at the Table** by Augusten Burrows! (this guys is amazing!)
Dressing Your Family in Corduroy and Denim** and Naked and Me Speak Pretty One Day* by David Sedaris
A Density of Souls*** and Light Before Day by Christopher Rice
State of Fear and Prey** by Michael Crichton
Spirit Song and Rise of the Pheonix by Mary Summer Rain
Rule of the Bone by Russel Banks
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton
A Home at the End of the World******* and Flesh and Bone by Michael Cunningham
The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield***
Wicked by Gregory Maguire***
She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb***

Ok, I think that is enough for now. All of these books are just completely fantastic. Some have or are going to have movies real soon, and while some of them are OK, the book is always the more superior piece of work. This is the case especially with The Golden Compass. If you have seen the movie, forget everything you saw and read the book: AMAZING! And I think all of the Harry Potter movies are OK but just skeletons of the book.

My hope is that you’ll find at least one or two books on this list appealing and you will read them and be taken away by its beauty and resonance.


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The latest Sticky & Sweet Tour Rumors

From DrownedMadonna:

[BREAKING NEWS] Britney’s manager confirmed duo to Access Hollywood
Category: Video-clip.
Despite rumors of Britney Spears joining Madonna onstage for her upcoming “Sticky & Sweet” tour, it appears the duo will only appear together on video. “Britney’s doing a video piece this week for Madonna’s new tour,” Brit’s manager, Larry Rudolph, told Access Hollywood. The video will reportedly be shown on giant video screens during Madge’s world tour. No word if the duo will recreate their VMA smooch in the video, but fans sure can hope!

EXCLUSIVE – Word is that a newcomer is in charge to direct two video-interludes. His name is Noel Clarke. heard that the new “Everybody” choreography reminds of “Erotica/You Thrill Me” from the Confessions Tour.

The choreography that is being conceived for “Heartbeat” is described as a tongue in cheek shoe changing choreography.

Among the old hits that Madonna is currently rehearsing there is “Angel”. We really hope Madonna likes the live version and it will make the final setlist. Fingers crossed!!

We remind you that everything is subject to changes. So stay tunes!

EXCLUSIVE – Madonna is not satisfied with the live version of “Spanish Lesson”, so she decided to shelve it AS OF NOW. also heard that Madonna is currently testing a cover of Anita Ward’s “Ring My Bell” to replace “Spanish Lesson” after “Buenos Aires”. Let’s wait and see if this cool idea will make the final setlist!

Another song has been shelved as of now. “Ray Of Light” – which was originally part of the Rock/Guitar section – is now out of the tentative setlist.

“Give It 2 Me” is being rehearsed the same way as in the Hard Candy Promo Tour, but obviously with different outfits.

Besides “Spanish Lesson”, the only other “Hard Candy” track that is not being used as of now in the tentative setlist – neither as a video interlude nor as a live performance – is “Incredible”.

Keep in mind that everything is subject to changes, so stay tuned!


I hope she does not play Ray Of Light! Its fun, but it was on the last tour, in the Rock/Guitar section….lets not repeat!

From MadonnaTribe:
Singer Britney Spears has indeed been asked to shoot a video for Madonna’s new tour and it’s not going to be a video interlude, but a video used while Madonna is singing on stage.

The video is for the exciting new live version of Human Nature, that as previously revealed by MadonnaTribe it’s the third song on the Sticky & Sweet tour setlist.

The video will be directed by the one and only Steven Klein, that as previously reported here, will take care of two brand videos for the show, one for an oldie (this one) and one for a new track off Hard Candy.

The original idea behind Human Nature 2008 was to give out an updated version of the song by showing the artists, mainly troubled young hollywood stars, that are being treated as “bitches” by the world press and media, in a similar way they did with Madonna back in 1992 when she the main target of such media attentions.

But Britney is now the main star of the screen video, and while musically Human Nature 2008 originally contained spoken samples of Gimme More, now the concept has been expanded even more with samples of the track, making it longer and cooler and it can easily be described as a sort Human Nature/Gimme More mash up!


Ok here we go!! Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet tour opens with Candy Shop (very similar to the promo tour version) followed by a version of Beat Goes On very similar to the album version. Both Pharrell Williams and Kanye West will appear on video during the song. The third song in the setlist is the first GREAT surprise. It’s the one and only Human Nature, from Bedtime Stories (and we’ll not be sorry!!). The song will be presented in an original and UNIQUE way, but that’s a surprise we don’t want to spoil for the moment. We’re sure the inclusion of this song will make lots of people very happy.
Section two of the show includes Into The Groove, a great number where she will be jumping rope with a little sample of the song “Jump” thrown in as well, followed by Heartbeat. The Fedde Le Grande version of Music, (just like the promo tour version) and She’s Not Me follow.

The following section will opens with the song Devil Would Recognize You, Madonna will sing it live and play the piano onstage HERSELF for the very first time! After that we go into Miles Away, just like the promo tour, and a joyful version Spanish Lesson. Her great classic from True Blue arrives next: It’s La Isla Bonita that will be presented in its “Live Earth incarnation”, the Lela Pala Tute version!!! This third section is closed by one of the songs by Madonna that won an Oscar. It’s the touching “You Must Love Me”, the beautiful ballad from Evita, written by Tim Rice and Andrew Loydd Webber especially for Madonna in the film. This version is more or less very similar to its original form.

The closing section of the tour includes the promo tour version of 4 Minutes followed by one of the greatest surprises fans will adore: Impressive Instant from the “Music” album!! Ray of Light follows. It’s basically the album version with some changes in the middle. The promo tour version of Hung Up is next. The tour closes with the latest single from Hard Candy, Give It 2 Me

But that’s not all folks! Madonna is also doing a great classic for her first album and she’s doing it for the first time since the Virgin Tour. It’s “Borderline” that will be presented like it has never been heard before and don’t forget to look out for the great tour videos that will be directed by Steven Klein, as previously reported by MadonnaTribe!!

M-Tribe called this the “Mother of all Set Lists?” Um this is fucking disappointing. I would hate it if this was the real set list. Ray of Light and La Isla,,,,boring… we’ve seen these so much lately.


From Madonnalicious:

This is a fun article. It doesn’t give any specific song names, but it definitely gives some exciting details!!!!

Liz Smith reports from the tour rehearsals

US newspaper columnist and Madonna champion Liz Smith attended the Sticky & Sweet Tour rehearsals and offers this report:

‘UHHH….I can’t jump rope in high heels!’
‘Well, not that high a heel.’
OK folks, who do we know who would jump rope (double dutch, too) in heels? Of course! It is our old friend, the indomitable Madonna.

La Ciccone has been rehearsing her ‘Sticky and Sweet’ tour in a massive space in New York. Her latest troupe of beautiful dancers is present, as is every other member of a massive Madonna undertaking. When the boss works, everybody works! It is 80 degrees and humid outside. Inside, it’s a steam bath. Madonna does not enjoy air conditioning. (Audiences tend to leave her concerts having lost about 10 pounds in water weight.) Everybody looks whipped. Not Madonna.

Without makeup, her long blond hair lank, dressed in funereal black rehearsal togs, she looks fresher, younger and more vital than she does on the red carpet. (She also looks less muscular. Concert lighting and flash photography tends to over-emphasize her toned sinew.) She certainly shakes a tail feather like she is still writhing along the canals in Venice for the ‘Like a Virgin’ video, filmed before most of her dancers were born.

People close to Madonna, those who love her, are always saying, ‘Why don’t you relax more, have some fun?’ Sometimes she will agree. But most of the time she doesn’t bother to give concerned parties her life memo: hard work – pushing herself to the limit and most of all, dancing is her fun and relaxation. So many of her songs celebrate the power of dance and how it can free you – perhaps just temporarily – from immediate care.

Watching this star go through her paces, she seems not to have a care in the world, except to perfect her show. ‘That sucked!’ she declares after failing to execute her double dutch without error. ‘I have to be better.’ Madonna pauses and gives a mock scowl to her dancers, ‘And so does everybody else.’
Later, she painstakingly explains her vision on one of the numbers. The choreographer is working only from an e-mail he just received from Madonna. She has her vision, now she has to communicate it. The number will feature four girls who are dressed up in various iconic versions of Madonna images past. She’s laughing at her old ‘looks’ and discussing the particulars. ‘At first I thought mannequins, then no, real girls would be better. Truthfully, I wanted drag queens – who does me better? But I figured that might be too much drama, you know – those girls love their scenes. And I provide enough of that!’

As Madonna recruits the dancers who’ll stand and strike a pose, each holding or wearing a prop, the star will snatch away, the choreographer beams, ‘Oh, this is getting so wickedly weird. Now I’m really loving it!’

Throughout the afternoon and evening, Madonna never flags, and never loses her sense of humor or the maternal camaraderie she always shares with her dancers.

Happily lost in her greatest love – her work – it doesn’t seem the time or place to bring up her supposedly failing marriage or the betrayal of her brother, Christopher Ciccone, and his tell-all book. (Poor Christopher. He has made his bed, and already the peas in his mattress are the size of boulders. In the end, he will have helped sell a gazillion more tickets to his sister’s concerts.) Will Madonna and Guy Ritchie separate? I don’t know. I do know they have been deeply in love, very much in sync (certainly at one time), and both these strong-willed people have tried hard to accommodate the other.

The last time I saw Guy and Madonna together they couldn’t have been more convivial and affectionate. They were in public, of course, so we take the proverbial grain of salt on that one. I don’t think the towel is thrown in yet. It’s damp and well used. It’s hanging crooked on the shower stall. But it’s not quite ready for the hamper. She has three children. She is not cavalier when it comes to divorce. (Remember, this is only her second marriage.)

Certainly Madonna does not look or behave like a woman whose marriage is on the rocks. She wouldn’t show that face anyway; that’s a great part of her appeal. She doesn’t beg her audience for love or understanding. You either understand or you don’t. Seen through the oft-distorted prism of the media, her ambition and ‘manipulation’ is not always admired. Still, many do admire her, without really admitting she has talent. Millions more worship her as a figure of empowerment and forging success in a man’s world on a man’s terms.

She’s the music industry’s Hillary Clinton, jumping rope in high heels.

From New York Post

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SF Gay Pride Parade 2008

No matter how drunk or hung over I am from the Pink Party the night before, I always seem to manage to get my ass up out of bed to get to the Parade. I love it. It makes me cry every year, though no one would ever know that because none of my friends ever make it and I haven’t had a boyfriend to go with me for what seems like forever.

This year, of course, was all about gay marriage. Thats kinda where I lost it. There was Gavin Newsom driving by in a nice old car, then behind him were hundreds of couples who have already or plan to get married.

It must feel so beautiful and wonderful to walk in this huge parade, proud of who you are and with the man you love so much. I want to do that. Profess my love for myself, for my partner and for my community for everyone to see and hear. While I was watching this year, all I could think is how good that must feel and I replaced myself with certain people in the parade and I got a glimpse of how amazing it must be.

I wish I felt that love. To be on a float dancing with freedom or embracing a lover and waving to the crowd. Thats better than partying in a crowd or drinking to oblivion…

The parade is not like three hours long, I didn’t stay for the entire thing. But here are some great pictures and videos I took while I was there.

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SF Gay Pride Pink Party 2008 Glory

Well, today was Pink Saturday, traditionally my favorite day of the year. It was a good day, but I’m home now at the horribly early blogging hour of 11.50 pm and i’m left wondering Have I out grown the pink party or has the pink party out grown me? Or… do I just start drinking too early and i just get over it too quick.

Every year I have the same fantasy that I’ll meet some dark hot man in the midst of the party that will whisk my off to some hot after parties and I’ll meet wonderful hella new men and i’ll have lots of dirty stories to tell. This never happens, of course. I usually start early and by, like, 10 I’m sobering and getting bored and I walk out of the party, always with the same empty feeling…

But I had fun while i was there!

The park was soo crowded!


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Behind the Give It 2 Me scenes

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2006 vs. 2008

So these two queens from Palm Springs come up to SF for a week each year and always come to see me at Pasta P. And we always take a picture. Here is one form 2006 and then 2008. I think it is hilarious, as they are. Scot and Geoffrey are hella fun.

Scot can’t resist taking pictures of neon signs and Geoffrey compulsively photographs everything they eat. Art forms, really.

This year was the year we actually hung out and became friends. They kidnapped me and took me to the Tenderloin where we went to Kimo’s, a dive gay bar. This is where we met Warren, the bartender. Warren was very talkative and slow as fuck in making our drinks. We ordered a beer, a bloody mary and, of course, my margarita on the rox. He would tell us stories and literally just stop making the drinks.

He then told us that he loved to make Barbie clothes and take pictures of them to create a creepy comic book. Which is cool. I think the real creepy part is that he has all issues of the book on his cell phone for quick retrieval. We saw one legged Barbies getting fucked in the ass by a big naked Ken. Of course we couldn’t resist signing up for his emails of the doll book. I haven’t received my first issues yet, but I can’t wait!

Then Geoffrey, Scot and I went to Divas, a tranny bar on Polk. They were having a performance competition. Now, I don’t expect that much from my trannies, but for crying out loud, is it too much to ask that they lip synch through the entire song? Most of the girls pulled a Britney and stopped lip synching halfway through the songs. One tranny’s wig flew off and another was gyrating on the floor when she suddenly burst out screaming “Turn the fucking music up!” The three of us were on a stool right next to the stage and were rolling over laughing. Classic.

I met us with the boys again the next night and we went to Badlands. Scot became the best friend of a lonely, drunk gay man. It was kinda sad. But we had plenty of people to look at and, yes, make fun of.

Sadly the boys had to go home to Palm Springs. They are the funnest new people I’ve met recently, even though, in reality, I have known them for three years now… Yay!

Scot and Jaime 2006:

And 2008 (My favorite):

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Splitsville for Guy and Madonna…..

Well the rumors are becoming fact as it is being reported that both Madonna and Guy Ritchie have hired divorce lawyers… *Sniffle* I really thought Guy was the one that he was going to be with us always.

But it seems that they are trying to work it out:

From PerezHilton
Guy Ritchie is flying to New York this weekend in a last-ditch bid to save his marriage to Madonna, the British media is reporting.

We sure hope this is true!

As of Saturday afternoon, a solo Madge (above) was seen leaving the Kabbalah center in NYC.

A source close to the couple tells The Sun:

“It is make or break time for Guy and Madonna. She is completely focused on rehearsals for her tour in America and can’t come back to London. They want to make the marriage work, but they are at a stalemate. At the moment they are both trying to rescue the situation. Em has shown a willingness to patch things up. But because almost all rehearsals for the tour are in New York rather than in London Guy thinks she’s not sacrificing much. He has now decided to fly out there this weekend to try to sort things out.”

If they can’t sort it out, then Madge and Guy are determined to work things out civilly.

Work it out, though.

Work it out!

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Just for Pride: Just for Yum



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More Madonna Sticky & Sweet Tour Rumors

I’m excited by the version of Secret! wants to share with Madonna’s fans some tidbits from the first steps of the rehearsals of the Sticky & Sweet Tour. Many things and songs keep on changing… so stay tuned!

One of the sections begins with a musical intro from the “Topkapi” movie which lands to “Buenos Aires” from the “Evita” soundtrack. A suitcase choreography ending with ensable cast is being considered. “Buenos Aires” is currently followed by “Spanish Lesson”.

Surprisingly “She Is Not Me” is being rehearsed linked with “My Name Is Not Susan”.

The 2008 version of “Everybody” features a heavy SKD sample.

A beautiful Sytar and voice version of “Secret” is being considered.

“La Isla Bonita” is closing a section which is currently dedicated to India, with Bollywood style music and choreography.

An “Holiday” intro is being considered for “4 Minutes”.

A lot of oldies are being rehearsed, many of them totally reworked.

A controversial screen video by Steven Klein ends one of the sections.

So far 4 video screens are being considered, one of them is the opening of the show.

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Preliminary Madonna Sticky & Sweet Setlist!!!!


Perez Hilton posted a fabulous picture of a version of the Sticky & Sweet Tour! It looks wonderful.


Candyshop/I Want Candy
Open Your Heart**
Borderline (or Express Yourself**)

Interlude-Voices (or Nothing Really Matters)
Miles Away
Dance Tonight
Beat Goes On

Interlude-Who’s That Girl
Spanish Lesson
You’ll See**
La Isla Bonita/Who’s That Girl**
Dress You Up**

Interlude-Rescue Me**
Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You
She’s Not Me**

Interlude-4 Minutes
Hung Up
4 Minutes
Give it to Me

I think this is probably best tour setlist we have ever seen from Madonna. Of course, this is very early and rehearsals are still in the early phase. The songs with ** next to them are the songs I’m super excited about. I would absolutely love to hear Who’s That Girl, Rain, Everybody, Open Your Heart and Holiday.

I do NOT want to hear Music or La Isla Bonita. I’m so over the latter, since she sang a dull rendition of it on the Confessions Tour.

This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. The tour rumors, the speculation, the leaks…. I love it!

Here we go again.Madonna’s world tour kicks off in August and so that means in the coming weeks,we will hear lots of rumors about the setlist.Rehearsals have already started and already,the first batch of rumors are circulating,supposedly from “insiders” connected to the tour,lol.Take it all with a grain of salt lol

***Opening song will be “Candy Shop”.

***The second song will be “Beat Goes On”,which will be the third single in America (“Miles Away” will be the third single in Europe).

***”Dress You Up” and “Everybody” are in the setlist.

***”Holiday” is out,as is “Borderline”.Jamie King is trying to convince her to include the latter.

***”Rain” won’t be included,but it may be used during a video/intermission/costume change.

***According to one source,a slower,more folk version of “Borderline” is still being considered.But as of last week,they have tested over 50 songs.”Beat Goes On”,”Miles Away” and “Give It To Me” are definite,but “Spanish Lesson” is a definite NO.

***”Open Your Heart” is in consideration and will be rehearsed,not sure if it will make the final show.

***Even though “Candy Shop” is the opening song,”Heartbeat” is being strongly considered as well.

***”Incredible”,”Spanish Lesson” and “Voices” are the only Hard Candy tracks that will not be performed on this tour.

***”Music” will again be on the setlist.It’s one of the final four songs,along with “Hung Up”,”Give It To Me” and “4 Minutes”.

***”Vogue” is being considered.

***”Rescue Me” was suggested by a crew member and Madonna found it laughable to even consider.

***”Love Profusion” is a distinct possibility.It could be performed in a medley with it’s “cousin” track “Miles Away”.

Madonna is doing vocal arrangements in London while the dancers are rehearsing in New York.She will join them on June 20th.

******and more*****
some more news from “insiders”…..

***Jamie King is currently trying to convince Madonna to perform the following songs:

“Open Your Heart”
“Physical Attraction”
“Express Yourself”
“Justify My Love”
“Rescue Me”
“Bedtime Story”
“Take A Bow”
“Human Nature”

and a few others.He’s come up with some exciting new choreography/themes/ideas for these songs and plans to show Madonna when she returns to the rehearsals in New York.

***Madonna will definitely perform something from the Dick Track ’I’m Breathless’ album.That’s one of her favorite albums.


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