Splitsville for Guy and Madonna…..

Well the rumors are becoming fact as it is being reported that both Madonna and Guy Ritchie have hired divorce lawyers… *Sniffle* I really thought Guy was the one that he was going to be with us always.

But it seems that they are trying to work it out:

From PerezHilton
Guy Ritchie is flying to New York this weekend in a last-ditch bid to save his marriage to Madonna, the British media is reporting.

We sure hope this is true!

As of Saturday afternoon, a solo Madge (above) was seen leaving the Kabbalah center in NYC.

A source close to the couple tells The Sun:

“It is make or break time for Guy and Madonna. She is completely focused on rehearsals for her tour in America and can’t come back to London. They want to make the marriage work, but they are at a stalemate. At the moment they are both trying to rescue the situation. Em has shown a willingness to patch things up. But because almost all rehearsals for the tour are in New York rather than in London Guy thinks she’s not sacrificing much. He has now decided to fly out there this weekend to try to sort things out.”

If they can’t sort it out, then Madge and Guy are determined to work things out civilly.

Work it out, though.

Work it out!


June 28, 2008. Entertainment, fun, Gay Gay Gay, Madonna, Music.

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  1. tjr5 replied:

    Madonna’s Husband’s Wandering Eye


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