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4th of July, Olive the Puppy, Wigs, Drinks, One Dildo and More

Earlier this month I went on my annual pilgrimage to my Mom’s house in the mountains to soak up a week of sun, pool and relaxation with my family for the week of 4th of July. I love these trips because it affords me an escape from San Francisco, a city I love, but a place I need to get away from and forget from time to time. After each trip I feel rejuvenated about life and all the possibilities waiting for me back in the city and beyond.

As always I take some pretty funny pictures and videos and love to share them here.

First of all, I have to get it out of the way. Mom and her partner, Benitta, got a new puppy named Olive. She’s cute and adorable and all that. So for all you dog freaks out there here is the obligatory gratuitous puppy video.

My sister, Carla, brought along her roommate and good friend, Amy. Amy looks like a Kim so thats what I call her. She also has a fierce crush on me and has even tried gluing hair to her chest and brandishing a dildo to win my affection. She has yet to be successful, though I do give her a little ray of hope here and there. What? Its always nice to be wanted.

Kim is a big fan of wigs, so she brought a few for us to play with. I think i had a little too much fun with them, especially the pink and black one!

The more we drink the funnier we get and the more attention we need, hence all the pictures and videos. Carla actually smoked pot and was a funny ass bitch. Of course we held our annual hand standing competition and I kicked Kim’s ass and reinforced what a big queen I am.

This is me in the green wig and Kim in the “Cougar.”

Benitta shows off her boobs.

My Mom. We love her.

Kim starring as “The Cougar.”

Each year we have an actual 4th of July Party. Carla and I don’t particularly like these because Mom and Benitta always invite over a bunch of people we don’t want to talk to, so we always just super drunk and separate from the crowd.

Carla had to pull Kim and to the side of the house to tell us that we were too drunk and to calm it down a bit. I didn’t what she was talking about, but I am later destined to pass out and someone took my favorite pair of RayBan sunglasses. Damn it.

Here are some excerpts…..Truth or Dare style.

We always have fun. Carla gets abusive, Mom get sentimental, Kim fingers the dildo and my voice gets gayer and gayer.

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