2006 vs. 2008

So these two queens from Palm Springs come up to SF for a week each year and always come to see me at Pasta P. And we always take a picture. Here is one form 2006 and then 2008. I think it is hilarious, as they are. Scot and Geoffrey are hella fun.

Scot can’t resist taking pictures of neon signs and Geoffrey compulsively photographs everything they eat. Art forms, really.

This year was the year we actually hung out and became friends. They kidnapped me and took me to the Tenderloin where we went to Kimo’s, a dive gay bar. This is where we met Warren, the bartender. Warren was very talkative and slow as fuck in making our drinks. We ordered a beer, a bloody mary and, of course, my margarita on the rox. He would tell us stories and literally just stop making the drinks.

He then told us that he loved to make Barbie clothes and take pictures of them to create a creepy comic book. Which is cool. I think the real creepy part is that he has all issues of the book on his cell phone for quick retrieval. We saw one legged Barbies getting fucked in the ass by a big naked Ken. Of course we couldn’t resist signing up for his emails of the doll book. I haven’t received my first issues yet, but I can’t wait!

Then Geoffrey, Scot and I went to Divas, a tranny bar on Polk. They were having a performance competition. Now, I don’t expect that much from my trannies, but for crying out loud, is it too much to ask that they lip synch through the entire song? Most of the girls pulled a Britney and stopped lip synching halfway through the songs. One tranny’s wig flew off and another was gyrating on the floor when she suddenly burst out screaming “Turn the fucking music up!” The three of us were on a stool right next to the stage and were rolling over laughing. Classic.

I met us with the boys again the next night and we went to Badlands. Scot became the best friend of a lonely, drunk gay man. It was kinda sad. But we had plenty of people to look at and, yes, make fun of.

Sadly the boys had to go home to Palm Springs. They are the funnest new people I’ve met recently, even though, in reality, I have known them for three years now… Yay!

Scot and Jaime 2006:

And 2008 (My favorite):

June 28, 2008. Entertainment, fun, Gay Gay Gay, Life, Me Me Me!.

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