More Madonna Sticky & Sweet Tour Rumors

I’m excited by the version of Secret! wants to share with Madonna’s fans some tidbits from the first steps of the rehearsals of the Sticky & Sweet Tour. Many things and songs keep on changing… so stay tuned!

One of the sections begins with a musical intro from the “Topkapi” movie which lands to “Buenos Aires” from the “Evita” soundtrack. A suitcase choreography ending with ensable cast is being considered. “Buenos Aires” is currently followed by “Spanish Lesson”.

Surprisingly “She Is Not Me” is being rehearsed linked with “My Name Is Not Susan”.

The 2008 version of “Everybody” features a heavy SKD sample.

A beautiful Sytar and voice version of “Secret” is being considered.

“La Isla Bonita” is closing a section which is currently dedicated to India, with Bollywood style music and choreography.

An “Holiday” intro is being considered for “4 Minutes”.

A lot of oldies are being rehearsed, many of them totally reworked.

A controversial screen video by Steven Klein ends one of the sections.

So far 4 video screens are being considered, one of them is the opening of the show.

June 27, 2008. Entertainment, fun, Gay Gay Gay, Madonna, Music.

One Comment

  1. adrian17 replied:

    Any rumors about like a virgin or like a prayer ? those are my fav songs 😉

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