hey lover
How’s it hanging…
left or right??
good, how are you??? wher are you?
in my awesome van!! u?
living and loving melbourne!
Awwwwww… did u decide what to do about ur second year?
i can’t just get a second year by picking fruit. they won’t let me
so i am trying to get sponsored by my job, but
i’m american
but if i get sponored by my job i have to pay the 3000 fee and i have to sign a contract saying i’ll work there for two years
two more years in a restaurant is a long time for me, i’m not 23, ya know
sooooo i’m still thinking about it
they haven’t even gotten back to me about the sponsorship
if that doesn’t work out i may just go to new zealand for the summer
since i haven’t been yet
and do a work holiday there and go home in may so i have two summers in a row
Ah nice!!!
and a part of me,,, a part that is growing a bit, thinks maybe i should just go home in october
but i don’t know
Oh I see a rock and a hard place in the mist
a friend of mine is from london and her parents are gonna buy her a place there i was thinking of going home and then moving in with her in september next year….
i don’t know what to do
What would u do if u go home?
thats the thing, i don’t know
if i stayed in SF i would go back to school and probably get a teaching degree or some shit like that
We have to make the toughest decisions, eh??
or i could find another city in the us to live and start anew
like have here
which would be exciting. i have more oppurtunities in the us
Hmm.. ditch the US.. you are American enough!!
and i would love to go to NZ for the summer but i sooo don’t want to be in another hostel
i know!
i don’t want the us in me anmore
Time will tell… follow ur gut feeling & see as much as possible chookie!!
i know. i dont’ want this fantasy life to end, but i kinda feel like i should get back to reality
but reality bites
what? the fantasy life? i know! i want it to stay forever!
you staying another year?
That’s the plan.. just waiting for the correct details from my boss to make the application.. might pop to Asia or NZ in the meantime……… but have the puppy now…
can’t believe you got a dog…lol
are you getting sponsored by a job? or was it farm work?
err… latter…
did you really do it or pay someone?
err.. my boss owns a farm!
I worked hard!!!
haha. ok ok.
When will I see u again?? Have u got my correct no? 0429212881
We should do NZ together!!
if i do nz it will begin mid october!
Lotz of sheep
Think I’m going to sleep… you should see how I have pimped my van!! Pink bed linen… solar powered fairy lights… love it
pink everywhere actually… and a tiara above my rear view mirror that my friend got me for my b-day!!
only you would dec out a van in pink and live in it…
love you
be safe
yay xoxox love u too u big fag ;p xoxoxox

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Alive Again

ITs been well over a year since my last post, maybe this blog has been asleep, but not forgotten. I’ve gone off into the world and I’m very excited about what I have found. The blog is not dead….more to come soon!

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Self-loathing Gays…

This guy is 19 and gay.

By the time he is thirty he wants to be straight and force himself to have sex with woman.

Watch this video and hear how ridiculous and delusional he is. He probably just wanted to by on Tyra Banks’ show. 

To watch more visit Towlerload.

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Two months later….

Well, it is has been two months since my last post.  What has happened?

– The first three weeks of January saw Jaime working his ass off and doing really well. The first three weeks of February basically reversed all that progress.  What? It’s a process.

– Obama was sworn in as our first black president. His speech made me cry. I still believe he will turn around our country, but what the hell is up with this stimulus package? Billions of dollars, my dollars and yours, are going to build roads and bail out banks… Well how is that going to help me? I mean, I understand these projects will give people jobs and money and they will buy stuff and go eat in restaurants and tip and will help local economies. But how does this help me?  Thats what we all want to know, right? Not in anyway that I can tell. So why did Obama not use at least a little bit of this next $800 billion to send us all a stimulus check?  Send me $2,000, Mr. President.  I will use half of that to pay my credit cards and the other half I would spend. Instant injection of money into the economy.  Easy.  I’ll hold my breath.

– Madonna is embarking on a second European leg of her Sticky & Sweet Tour in Summer ’09.  I hate this. Why is she going back on the same tour? Madonna has never done this before. I believe its because she didn’t play many dates in European cities the first time around and also she knows she can make more money. To me this is just taking up another year and stalling a new album or any other new projects.  She also started fucking Jesus Luz. He’s young, hot and hung and I’m hoping Madonna is having lots of hot sex. Madonna + Hot Sex = The return of raunchy Madonna = Good music + Good videos, etc.  Already love the new W photo-shoot.

– Sean Penn won the Oscar for his portrayal of Harvey Milk in MILK.  I”m so happy he won, but I am still shocked that he beat out Mickey Rourke, who everyone thought was going to be the shoe-in. Dustin Lance Black also won for best screenplay and his acceptance speech was beautiful.

Chris Brown beat the shit out of Rihanna and should be banned and blacklisted. 

Jaime went to Tahoe for some intense relaxation at David Wally’s hot springs resort. It was so to get away for a few days just to relax and have fun. I got the best deep tissue massage by a guy named Jeff that could remember every single dream has ever had. He could even remember breast feeding at nine months old, his first memory. We talked spirituality, writing, politics, religion, the body, city life vs mountain life as well as 2012. 

– Jaime is strongly considering the Peace Corps again. I started an application about two years ago, but I was not ready in any way to join back then. But now I think I am. I’ve even written a pros and cons list, in which the pros list was about four or five times longer than the cons. I’ll write more about this soon.

Kelly Clarkson’s new CD, All I Ever Wanted, leaked on the internet and it is amazing!  Like, seriously, every track is great and there are a ton of radio friendly tracks on there. Check it out when it is released March 10.

– This countries economic crisis has forced stocks to take a dive.  That has made me to open an E*Trade account.  Buy low, sell high, right?

Hmm, what else? I am sure there is more, but I’ll write about it when I think of it.

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The Biggest Loser

Um, did anyone see the Biggest Loser last night????

That Vicky bitch is crazy!  Her husband Brady got sent home last night because of rogue blue team member and now Vicky is out for revenge against Amy.  I love it.  Fat people get skinny and then they get mean.  Can we get that stupid bitch HEBA kicked off already, she is soo annoying and she was soo mean to Phil.  I hope she breaks a toe and has to be disqualified.  Everyone else looks smaller except for her and now her husband is back in the show….oy ve.

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Sad, but true: Madonna and Guy to Divorce

After almost 8 years together, Madonna and Guy Ritchie have decided to get a divorce. This follows so many rumors and endless scrutiny by the media and Madge fans. This is a total bummer. I thought Guy was the one, I thought he was going to be with us forever.

Oh well. We all know Madonna won’t ever be able to stay with someone forever. This was a good marriage, they gave it a good shot. She is said to definitely dating A-Rod….HOT! I mean, come on, we all know she loves her dark meat and hopefully this will be the beginning for a hot new era for Madonna. She’ll be angry about divorcing and it will be painful and hopefully this will give her a ton of great, deep material for her next album.

Supposedly they want to get a quicky divorce and have it done with by Christmas.

I’m sad for her, but happy as well. She can’t really be confined with in a relationship. I can’t wait to see how this will influence her work!

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I’m alive

I just haven’t been in the mood to blog. I’ll update soon…

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Madonna at Traverse Film Festival

I would love to know what Madonna is saying to Lourdes.. Madonna’s grip on her hand, Lola’s smiling face, serious look from behind the sunglasses…

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Off to Vegas….again

So tomorrow at around 6:30 am I will be climbing into a SuperShuttle and heading to SFO to go to Las Vegas, my second time in about a month. I’m super excited for this trip. I’m going with a bunch of friends from work, we’re staying at Mandalay Bay, unlike last time its gonna be super hot. ITs gonna be fun! I’ve been looking forward to this trip for months! On Monday I started to feel a little sick, scratchy throat,,,not too bad, so I’m trying to stay positive and not let it affect me!

Anyways, I haven’t decided yet, but i think i’ll be bringing my computer to post crazy videos from Vegas, so stay tuned….

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I got my Madonna tickets!!!!

I’m so excited! I payed top dollar for them and not even on the floor. but I think we will be really close to the stage. I”m in section 127 in row 16….good, huh?

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Dancing half naked boys.

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happy monday

don’t ya wish you could just disappear…. mysterious_men031608a.jpg 

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new name

So I keep looking here, seeing Confessions of a Nuerotic Stoner at the top. It’s a clever title. I love it. But its untrue. I”m still neurotic, but no longer a stoner. So I feel like I should change it. Since the address is, imma call this just StrangeCandy. Just to let ya know, yo.

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im a sucker for the underdog

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killing my lobster and marathon madness

Last Friday night, I ventured out into the financial district around Battery and Jackson streets. My comrades and I searched far and wide for the small Eureka theatre. After exploring many little allies and finally knocking on the doors of a small, closed office, the apprehensive gentleman in a suit pointed us in the right direction.

After dining at the prestigious Quiznos next door, we bought our discounted tickets—with our expired student IDs—got our $3 beer in the lobby and settled into our front row seats to a show that was sure to impress, or so we were told.

The show? Killing My Lobster Saves the Day. Killing My Lobster is a fabulous sketch comedy and improv group here in SF. The show is an ode to all the superheroes in our favorite comics and our own demented imaginations. There was even a video tribute to the ultimate superhero and his humungous bulge: Superman!

My co-worker, the fabulous actress, Erin Carter, was one of the six performers, and the shining star of the show if you ask me.

It was hilarious. From jazzy numbers about tight tights and great capes to needing to be rescued from Glenn Park Canyon, the show is amazingly perverse and simply fun. So if you’re looking for something random and fun to do this weekend then check out this show! This weekend is their last run; tickets are cheap, about $17. Check out for more info!

Ok, now about running and marathon training.

Unfortunately I have been out of commission for a while now. My knee just has not been the same since the 17 mile run. A couple of weeks ago I pretty much was convinced that I was out for good. I was actually rehashing this said revelation with my best friends Mae and Mike at The Metro in the Castro when who walks out on the patio? My running back up singer, Mat! This was the boost I needed. I hadn’t seen any of my running buddies since the…actually, I can’t even remember the last time I ran with them.

So we refilled our cosmos to chit some chats. He convinced me to just show up that Saturday and run, just see how far I could go. I said OK. But of course I had to go for a little run before Saturday, just to open up and clear my lungs. So I lumbered out into GGPark, early on Friday morning. It was so nice to be back in the park with fresh air galore. I felt like a runner again. So I headed up JFK Drive, my fave route for maintenance runs. I was doing pretty good, huffin’ and puffin’ past the bridge and waterfall, but by the time I hit the rose gardens, I had to head back because my knee was just not having it.

So just after two miles my knee was pretty much giving up on me. It ached all through work that evening. So I didn’t end up showing up for training that Saturday, because if I couldn’t hit the three-mile marker, I didn’t really want to get up at 6.30 am to attempt 10 miles, knowing I wouldn’t make it very far.

So where does that leave me now? Shit out of luck, I’m pretty sure. I’ve tried running since, but my knee is just pissed at me. I’ve been doing the stretches I was given at Presidio Sport & Medicine. My knee hurts sometimes just after working my shift at Pasta P, so maybe it has to do with my shoes. My Mom said I need orthotics…?

Strange, though, a lot of runners at the marathon training are injured. In my group alone four out of nine of us were out on this last run due to injury. (It was the 23 mile run this last Saturday.) And of the five people that did attempt it, only three made it to the finish. It was our groups turn to bring food, and when I went to drop off my contribution, I noticed there were not that many people there to run. Last year there weren’t nearly as many injuries by a long shot….I’m just sayin.’

With the marathon about six weeks away and seeing that I haven’t had a good run in close to that same amount of time, I’m not sure I will be able to run it. This makes me super sad, not because I am actually aching to run another 26.2 miles before the buttcrack of dawn, but because I wanted to run it with my group members. They are the best group I could have ever hoped to be paired with. (In addition to last year’s Salazars, of course!)
But they will do well and I will be there to cheer them on come marathon day. I hope to at least join them for the shorter runs. I hope.

Fundraising wise, I have raised about $1,400! Thank you so much to those who have donated. But it is crunch time. I need to hit $1,800 by June 18. So if you’ve been meaning to donate, now would be a fabulous time!

Peace & Love,

Runner #7386

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this is a severe neurotic stoner moment

listen to the 911 call.

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so exciting

    Timberlake talks Madonna: You’ll hear it soon

Posted: 11 May 2007 – From Dotmusic Via Yahoo! News
Justin Timberlake has spoken for the first time publicly about his upcoming collaboration with Madonna.
The pair of pop titans went into the studio recently to work on an unknown piece of music, which is expected to feature on the new Madonna album.
Timberlake says we can expect to ‘hear it soon’, but he refused to reveal the name of the track, although he has revealed more details of an upcoming hook-up with 50 Cent.
Speaking about Madonna, Justin said: ‘We did work in the studio together, we came up with some really cool stuff. I don’t know what else to tell you except that you’ll hear it soon.’
When asked the name of the song, he continued: ‘I don’t want to tell you that, because she’ll either kill me or she’ll have me kill you. And I think we have enough celebrities going to jail.’

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principles to live by

Again, I’m not sure why the death of Doug Blasdell has affected me so much, seeing as I never met him or knew him personally besides watching him on Bravo’s WorkOut. (I’ve written about him before; you can see that entry below.)

I guess I just find it so incredibly tragic that someone so good and kind and compassionate and accepting should be taken away. Someone that affected so many people, even those who never came close to meeting him, doesn’t deserve to die so young. Doug was only 44 when he passed.

Brian Peeler, Doug’s colleague and good friend, recited Doug’s life principles at a bon fire vigil the WorkOut trainers had on the beach. The list speaks volumes of the person he was and I think we would all be lucky to be half the man he was.

    Doug Blasdell’s Principles to Live By

Just for today, do not worry.

Just for today, do not anger.

Honor your parents, teachers and elders.

Earn your living honestly.

Show gratitude to all living things.


“In this life, I loved you most of all.
What for?
‘Cause now you’re gone and I have to ask myself
What for?

People pass by and I wonder who’s next.
Who determines who knows best?

Is there a lesson I’m supposed to learn in this case?
Ignorance is not bliss”

–Madonna, In This Life

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It’s Your Duty (To Shake That Booty)

Check out this video by the ex lead singer of Aqua (of I’m a Barbie girl fame), Lene Nystrom. Its not a new song, but i just found this video and I love it!

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My faith in LOVE has been firmly reinstated

Picture this:
May 4, 2006, I’m working my shift at Pasta P, slopping pasta about, shuffling through the sea of three year olds that swamp us each night and being my usual charming crazy self. To-gos that night was particularly busy and people waiting for their orders had to wait a demi-decade. Amongst the crowd of hungry Noe Valley dwellers I spotted a vivacious blond young women talking with a man that was half hot man, half dignified gentleman. The chemistry they had created a glow that could be seen a mile away. Ignoring my tables, I watched the two young lights talking, thinking they are so in love it makes me puke in my mouth a little. In a good way.

If you’ve ever experienced my serving you know I kinda just say random shit out of nowhere and treat people like they’re my best friend, even if it’s the first time meeting them. That being my mindset that night, I walked up to the supposed couple and told them, “ You guys look like you’re about to have sex. How long have you been together?”

“We’re not together, we just met,” she giggled. He was giving a cute, red-faced grin.

“No shit,” I ranted on, not even looking back at my forsaken tables. “Then you guys need to get together! You look perfect for each other. I’m hella serious.”

They smiled and laughed and looked nervously/flirtatiously at each other. She seemed very excited by all this. By this time I could feel the daggers in my back from my needful guests. So I left the new BFF’s with each other and went back to my cheering section.

By the time I got back to the to-go area he was gone and she was aglow and giddy.

“Girrrrl! What happened? He was cute! Did you exchange numbers? Tell me!”

She informed me that they had a really great conversation and both were very into each other. They had exchanged numbers and she was very excited to see what would happen. She informed me that his name was Andy and hers Sue.

I told her to tell me when the wedding happens. That was the last time I saw them.

Cut To:
May 3, 2007, I’m working my shift at Pasta P, slopping around pasta, pushing around those damn three year olds—I swear to God they’ve doubled in the year that has past, and just being my crazy self. The shift went smoothly, I made good money and I was off pretty early. I come back upstairs onto the floor from cashing out in the warm, damp dungeon that is our basement office. My fabulous friend and co-worker, Eman, was greeting a new table. It seemed they were having some kind of excitement. I come around the front bar and close to their corner table.

Eman was obstructing my view of the couple sitting there, but then I see an arm shoot around him pointing at me, exclaiming, “That’s him!”

Eman turns to me, “Him?”

Sue waves me over. Now, I have a stoner memory, so everything is just a tiny bit fuzzy, so I wasn’t too sure who this crazy lady was. But she and her man, Andy, were all excited to see me. I couldn’t place them and Sue was telling me that they were at Pasta P, exactly a year ago and it was me that said they needed to get together and that’s why they exchanged numbers and were together today.

I was floored. Instantly their faces rose from my melting pot of memories. That night was so long ago, I can’ believe an entire year had gone by and they had actually been together whole time.

Sue told me that they went out a week after fate joined them at the neighborhood pasta joint. The chemistry and glow between is so much stronger than when I first laid eyes on them. It was incredible; you could tell they thoroughly enjoyed each other.

It was nice to see that mixture of love, romance and fate. Very modern fairytale for the everyday…..skeptic? I must admit this gives bit of promise for all us single San Francisco bitches. I’m glad I could be part of such a meeting.

Like last year, I told them to come get me when the wedding happens, but this time I actually mean it.

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