Say What? Tell me a secret…

I wish I had enough people coming to my blog so I could do something like this…

At you can see Rosie’s latest Say What?: Tell me a secret.

The answers are raw and honest, hilarious and disturbing.

Here they are?
tell me a secret
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Mary-Ann Writes:

My secret is, that inside I am really a basket case.

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Chantal Writes:

I’m scared

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TrudyFruity Writes:

When I get to work sometimes? I see evidence that my boss has “entertained” after hours. Beer bottles, cig butts, an entire roll of used paper towels in the garbage. Ew Ick He better not use MY desk!!

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bailey Writes:

I hate myself

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Patricia Writes:

I’m marrying for security.

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mimi Writes:

been in love w/best friend for over 20 yrs.(she’s married w/ kids) =(

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callie Writes:

I secretly wish I could be single and without my three children in tow. Although I do love my husband and children immensely. I’ve been with my husband since I was 16, I’m 30 now, missed out a little

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elizabeth Writes:

I know my ex husband killed someone in a drug fight and never went to the police. I only told my pastor and this eats at my soul daily for not coming forward.

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DONNA Writes:


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Jeri Writes:

I’m 43 years old and secretly involved with two different women. My family thinks I’m straight. The women don’t know about each other.

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Andi Writes:

I’m obsessed with your blog and I can’t stop checking to see if you’ve updated!!! UPDATE, Please!~

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blah Writes:

I had a nose job 3 years ago. I love it still.

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Chris Writes:

I love kinky sex.

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j Writes:

i found the love of my life and it isnt the person i’m married to…

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oat Writes:

That I am not enough

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Lisa Writes:

I am a Republican and I love you—

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Kim Writes:

I know my nephew isn’t my brother’s son. My brother does not know.

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k Writes:

i have a girl crush on my sons preschool teacher.

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Emily Writes:

I want to run away from my family–controlling husband, teenage boys, overbearing mother with selective amnesia!

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me Writes:

i pull my hair out and eat it i have been doing this since i was 14 i have never told anyone this

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matthew Writes:

im the one who clogged the toilet at work!

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Tracy Writes:

I really did sleep with him.

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lns Writes:

I think I am an alcoholic but I don’t know how to be social without a drink.

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kerri Writes:

I pretend to have more money then I actually do.

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trish Writes:

i still fight the urge to burn myself

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mac3700 Writes:

my husband cheated on me with a man – i’ve never told anyone…

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sssshhhhhh Writes:

my husband and i are swingers and we LOVE it

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brett Writes:

I ate my roomates mushrooms (yes, those ones) and said some teenagers stole them

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ashamed Writes:

Although I love my husband, I am not IN love with him and I dream every night of being with someone/anyone else. I pray that one day he will become the man of my dreams, but I doubt it will happen.

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Bobbie Writes:

I was the one that superglued Ms. Pierces geometry book to her desk in 4th hour.

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jenna Writes:

i was ritually abused.

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kerry Writes:

We have 22k in credit card debt I have been hiding from my husband. Been paying bills with credit, he will leave me when he finds out.

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Nancy Writes:

I am bulimic.

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Ashley Writes:

My grandfather is in jail for child molestation.

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angie Writes:

I would like to have an affair.

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robin Writes:

i’m not sure i can do this anymore…

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L Writes:

Im checking myself into a Detox Center today. Doing it for me…and my family. Please wish me luck. I know I can do it.

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gail Writes:

I typed ‘my’ secret twice but cleared it both times. I just can’t tell anyone.

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sanny Writes:

That i have been having an affair with a man 19 years younger than me for 10 years. Why and how i have been i don’t know, but a one time meeting turned into 10 years! A deep heavy secret.

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Wendy Writes:

Married 15 yrs to a wonderful, kind man who is a great husband….but I know I am a lesbian.

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Katie Writes:

I’m scared I’m going to be alone forever.

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maggie Writes:

i am pretty sure i hate my sister. that is hard to admit. she usta b my hero.

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Kaylynn Writes:

I read my boyfriends email- I know he’s cheating.

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Tracy Writes:

I used to fool around with a fellow classmate during class in middle school. We sat in the back against the wall behind every1 else. We were the only 2 that ever knew…until now.

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chell Writes:

i probablly should not have had kids, being a disabled mom is hard (i am crying, cuz i ave never admited that)

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sad Writes:

No sex – husband not interested. It has been years – we are in our late 40’s. Good man, good father. Can’t judge others’ marriages – we all have something. Can only share this here, too ashamed.

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Juliana Writes:

I HAVE to QUIT smoking. COPD and breathing treatments every 5 hours and still smoke. Give me Sign RO and I will quit tomorrow with ur sign tattoed on my wrist. TU and God Bless.

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Laurie Writes:

I have lost 95 pounds and kept it off for 2 years but can STILL sometimes look in the mirror and think I still weigh 267 pounds! Internal mind games!

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jami Writes:

I fantisize of being raped, even though I am a victim of sexual abuse. Ive always felt dirty because of this. :S

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secret Writes:

I am a 32 year old thumb sucker

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Shhhhh Writes:

On a Girls’ Trip to Vegas, I cheated on my new boyfriend at the time. Now, 3 years later and knowing without a doubt he’s the love of my life, I feel so guilty I did this to him. I’ve never told.

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Roxanne Writes:

I hide chocolate in my craft room. No one else in my family is crafty so it’s safe there!

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Erick Writes:

I am slowly realizing I like both men and women, and wish I could tell my family and friends. but have heard many times that they will never forgive one of us if we ever say we are like “that”.im..sad

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deb Writes:

sometimes i get tired of being a mom…..

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NO NAME! Writes:

I am not in love with WHO my husband is anymore. I am disappointed in him. He is not a good dad to our kids. What 2 do?

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Jill Writes:

I have a favorite child. Not proud of it, but can’t help it.

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louie foster Writes:

I’m gay.

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Anonymous Writes:

I was raped and can not have children now. I told my fiance. He said it’s okay, we’ll adopt. He’s the only one I’ve trusted. And you!

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Lily Writes:

i work at a rehab/psych hospital. and i use drugs daily. i feel so guily im about to burst. im so sorry.

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c Writes:

I am afraid almost all the time….

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spring Writes:

I was on the Phil Donohue show in 1989 about self abuse addiction. I have never told anyone. wow

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the real Papa Smurf

The 57-year-old started making the transition from fair skin and freckles to what he looks like today 14 years ago.

“The change was so gradual that I didn’t perceive it and for people around me, likewise,” Karason said. “It was just so gradual that no one really noticed. It wasn’t until a friend that I hadn’t seen in several months came by my parents’ place to see me and he asked me ‘what did you do?'”

What Karason did was use a substance called colloidal silver, which is made by extracting silver from metal. It goes into water with an electrical current and then you drink it. Colloidal silver is billed as something that will cure just about everything that ails you and Karason swears by it.

Karason does not believe drinking the potion is what caused his discoloration. He believes it happened because he rubbed it on his face to treat a skin problem. A medical condition called Argyria has been linked to such discoloration since the days when silver solutions were used as antibiotics.

This is from Coast to Coast AM, which is the website for a fabulous fabulous AM radio show about all things in the world that no major media agent ever gives attention to. Check it out. I listen almost every night. Coast to Coast AM is every night on 560 AM from 10pm – 3am. Sooo good.

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Ok, I have just discovered something fabulous for us SF dwellers.  Well I discovered it a couple of months ago, but didn’t fully understand what it was, but now I do and I’m super excited for us. 

It is SFZero.  A virtual/real life game San Franciscans can play alone and with each other.  You know those video games like World of Warcraft, with characters and levels and tasks and points and all the shit like that?    

Well that is exactly what SFZero is only in real life.  You sign on and create your account and make your “character,” who is actually you,  and then you complete tasks and provide proof of completion and earn points and climb the levels.  There are even Eras!  

I just signed up and am super  excited.   A new era begins on January 12 (all points/teams/levels/alliances are null and void when a new era begins) so thats when i’ll be really be kicking it into high gear as DivaFantastic the task master.  But until then, i’m trying to get as many people to sign up to play before then.  So go to SFZero, check it all out and sign up and lets have some random, FREE, interactive fun!!!

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megan martin: good friend and writing inspiration


Megan Martin has been a beautiful friend of mine for about seven years now. She is an inspiration. She moved to New York two years ago and since then she has achieved one of her dreams. She is publisher and editer-in-chief of her own magazine. Working Class is pure Megan and pure New York. I’m so proud!

So if you have yet to check out Working Class Magazine….what are you waiting for, bitches?

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my new fave website

195.jpg40609.jpgBulge is my my new favorite website. I’m pretty sure the title says it all.118.jpgDAYUM!

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