Changes, but no resolutions

Ok, ok, I’m thinking the same thing: What is the point of this blog if I never post or update anything? I know I only have like two regular visitors, Mike and Carla, and the occasionals like Karl, Catherine and Amy (Kim), but I might actually have more if I put some real effort into this.

The truth is, I have been unhappy and lazy. I have not really been in the mood to blog or write or do anything in the last couple months so that is why there has been minimal action at StrangeCandy.

Also, this blog has been kinda muddled. Originally under the name of Confessions of a Neurotic Stoner (I still love that title) I wanted this site to be a writing website where I would delve into the recesses of my mind and write all the crazy stuff I found. I think that was when I was in therapy…haha. Um…So it wasn’t that I didn’t find anything in those recesses, there is plenty. I just haven’t really dedicated regular set time to writing. Which is something I really need to do. I still love to write, though I don’t know if I will make a career out of journalism…at least the kind I have been doing as of late.

With the New Year I vow not to make resolutions, just some changes. I will continue with StrangeCandy, which I like, because it is just that, a bunch of random stories, pictures and videos I find on the internet all put together for some viewing pleasure. I mean, if anything my blog is a great way to waste some time.

In addition to StrangeCandy I am going to start two more blogs: One will be dedicated to my writing. I will take all the longer pieces previously posted on StrangeCandy and post them on the new blog, yet to be titled, just to start it off and I will add more stories and journal type writing.

The second will be a blog completely dedicated to weight loss. I am unhappy with my life and it shows in my body; I am unhappy with my body and it shows in my life. I’m fed up and I’m ready to change my life around. This may sound like a resolution to lose weight. It is not. My complete annoyance and frustration with how I have been living my life has come to a head and it is just by coincidence that it is around the New Year, a holiday I completely abhor. Its not about losing weight, but about becoming happy and not remaining comfortable in my self-pity and doing something to change my state of mind and being.

So, for you five people reading and anyone else out there, stay tuned. I plan to get started on these new projects in the next week or so and I will let you know when my new sites are up.

Merry Christmas and good luck with everything!

Jaime Boy


December 22, 2008. Me Me Me!.


  1. Car replied:

    Good luck Jaim!! I want you to be happy and I’ll help you any way I can. I’m always here for you.
    Luv car

  2. wins replied:

    let us know your new blog, I would love to read some of your writing!

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