Hey Sarah Palin!

Watch this. If only this girl could talk to Palin face to face, I wonder how the pit bull would talk her way out of this one.

And here is a video first posted on PerezHilton that needs to be seen by everyone. This is a video of McCain supporters at a Palin rally. Listening to these ignorant people its hard to believe this is not the 1950’s. One guys uses the “N-word” and the others are just stupid, calling Obama a terrorist and racist. These are the people McCain said he was very proud of last night at the debate. Enjoy.


October 16, 2008. Life, Politics, scariness.

One Comment

  1. thecapedcrusader replied:

    I don’t know which video is worse…

    …but I do know I’ll be passing them onto my friends and family. Thanks…

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