Sad, but true: Madonna and Guy to Divorce

After almost 8 years together, Madonna and Guy Ritchie have decided to get a divorce. This follows so many rumors and endless scrutiny by the media and Madge fans. This is a total bummer. I thought Guy was the one, I thought he was going to be with us forever.

Oh well. We all know Madonna won’t ever be able to stay with someone forever. This was a good marriage, they gave it a good shot. She is said to definitely dating A-Rod….HOT! I mean, come on, we all know she loves her dark meat and hopefully this will be the beginning for a hot new era for Madonna. She’ll be angry about divorcing and it will be painful and hopefully this will give her a ton of great, deep material for her next album.

Supposedly they want to get a quicky divorce and have it done with by Christmas.

I’m sad for her, but happy as well. She can’t really be confined with in a relationship. I can’t wait to see how this will influence her work!


October 15, 2008. Uncategorized.

One Comment

  1. coffee replied:

    I really thought Madonna and Guy Richie would last longer than that…

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