Opening night of Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour!

Madonna finally played her first gig of the Sticky & Sweet Tour in Cardiff, Wales. I was very skeptical of the setlist and if this was going to be a good show. All my doubts have been shot down, killed and buried as I am checking out all of the pictures and videos for the show. It looks fun, COLORFUL, energetic and fabulous! There have been a few reports about somethings people didn’t like. Like the video backdrops were a little confusing and not of the highest production value. Also, one report said that Madonna was a bit impersonal. The report says that the last time she was in Cardiff for the Confessions Tour, she was talking to the crowd non’stop. But last time she was there on that tour, it was at the end of the tour. She is always more relaxed as the tour goes on. This was opening night and she had to be nervous.

I am so glad that I am seeing her towards the end of the tour, two nights in a row, no less!

So here ya go, the best of the best video clips and pictures I could find….

Into the Groove

She’s Not Me!




These two pictures are from her TourBook:

Madonna taking requests…

And the hottest dancer so far that we have seen in the best position we could have seen him in:

This is exactly what I thought the Confessions Tour was going to be like, FUN! But that one was all kinds of serious more oft than not. I can’t wait to get Sticky & Sweet!

All pictures and videos were collected from HomoFactual, MadonnaTribe, DrownedMadonna and PerezHilton.

August 24, 2008. Entertainment, Gay Gay Gay, Life, Madonna, Music.

One Comment

  1. wins replied:

    wow this looks soooo much fun! i’m glad you’re gonna be seeing her, twice!

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