David Blaine is a stupid bitch

Ok, now that I have a story to write for the Courier, I’m in total procrastination mode and what a better way to waste time than to post!

This is from PerezHilton:
Magician and illusionist David Blaine is ready to perform his latest act.

What stoopidity is he getting himself into now????

Blaine will be hanging upside down for three days and two nights above New York’s Central Park.

Upside down for three days????

Won’t his head explode or some shit????

As he is prone to do, David wants gawkers to “interact” with with him.

Of his previous interactions, Blaine says, “There are always some crazy things. I get flashed quite often. Luckily, mostly from girls.”

As part of his act, Blaine will be hanging six stories up in the air suspended on a highwire.

He will also be deprived of food for his Dive of Death stunt.

The whole event will be filmed for television on September 24th.

Later this year Blaine will attempt to break the world record for sleep deprivation.

Good luck, fool.

Sooo, wait a minute. I thought magicians and illusionists were supposed to perform, you know, tricks. Things that would made the average person go, “Wow!”

As far as I can tell, this guy is out of tricks. He doesn’t really seem to perform any feats of MAGIC just extreme endurance challenges, which you don’t need to be an illusionist to do, just very well conditioned, physically.

Is it really magic if he can stay awake for two weeks straight? Is it magic that he can stay under water for an hour? Not really. Its extreme and I’m sure not many people can do it, but c’mon.

I’d be impressed if he was under water for two days, turned into a dragon and blew fire out of his ass while butterflies lifted him up…that would be cool.


August 21, 2008. Entertainment.

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