The Happening

This was a long weekend of drinking and partying and being out. Yesterday was the Pride Parade and I didn’t really feel like being out hella late, so I went with a friend to the movies.

Tanayah and I have been wanting to see The Happening since it came out. We really wanted to be scared and creeped out. The trailers looked good and M. Night Shyamalans’ other movies were so good. The Village. Signs. The Sixth Sense. They are all good acting, good production and a really big twist in the end….well….

This one was terrible! If you’re gonna go see it don’t read anymore.

There was no big twist at the end of this movie. The trees and plants are putting out a toxin that makes people kill themselves. That’s it. They basically tell you this/ you figure this out in the first 20 minutes and then you have to sit through two long ass hours of bad acting. I love Mark Wahlberg but he sucked in this movie. He also gave the best acting of the movie. There were weak love stories and bad bad acting and bad bad dialogue. The production value was really low as well. Sad, I thought this was supposed to be a big blockbuster.

Yes it was creepy to see lots of dead people everywhere, but that’s it.

Maybe M. Night should not write, produce and direct his films anymore. Let someone else in!



June 30, 2008. Entertainment.

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