Preliminary Madonna Sticky & Sweet Setlist!!!!


Perez Hilton posted a fabulous picture of a version of the Sticky & Sweet Tour! It looks wonderful.


Candyshop/I Want Candy
Open Your Heart**
Borderline (or Express Yourself**)

Interlude-Voices (or Nothing Really Matters)
Miles Away
Dance Tonight
Beat Goes On

Interlude-Who’s That Girl
Spanish Lesson
You’ll See**
La Isla Bonita/Who’s That Girl**
Dress You Up**

Interlude-Rescue Me**
Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You
She’s Not Me**

Interlude-4 Minutes
Hung Up
4 Minutes
Give it to Me

I think this is probably best tour setlist we have ever seen from Madonna. Of course, this is very early and rehearsals are still in the early phase. The songs with ** next to them are the songs I’m super excited about. I would absolutely love to hear Who’s That Girl, Rain, Everybody, Open Your Heart and Holiday.

I do NOT want to hear Music or La Isla Bonita. I’m so over the latter, since she sang a dull rendition of it on the Confessions Tour.

This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. The tour rumors, the speculation, the leaks…. I love it!

Here we go again.Madonna’s world tour kicks off in August and so that means in the coming weeks,we will hear lots of rumors about the setlist.Rehearsals have already started and already,the first batch of rumors are circulating,supposedly from “insiders” connected to the tour,lol.Take it all with a grain of salt lol

***Opening song will be “Candy Shop”.

***The second song will be “Beat Goes On”,which will be the third single in America (“Miles Away” will be the third single in Europe).

***”Dress You Up” and “Everybody” are in the setlist.

***”Holiday” is out,as is “Borderline”.Jamie King is trying to convince her to include the latter.

***”Rain” won’t be included,but it may be used during a video/intermission/costume change.

***According to one source,a slower,more folk version of “Borderline” is still being considered.But as of last week,they have tested over 50 songs.”Beat Goes On”,”Miles Away” and “Give It To Me” are definite,but “Spanish Lesson” is a definite NO.

***”Open Your Heart” is in consideration and will be rehearsed,not sure if it will make the final show.

***Even though “Candy Shop” is the opening song,”Heartbeat” is being strongly considered as well.

***”Incredible”,”Spanish Lesson” and “Voices” are the only Hard Candy tracks that will not be performed on this tour.

***”Music” will again be on the setlist.It’s one of the final four songs,along with “Hung Up”,”Give It To Me” and “4 Minutes”.

***”Vogue” is being considered.

***”Rescue Me” was suggested by a crew member and Madonna found it laughable to even consider.

***”Love Profusion” is a distinct possibility.It could be performed in a medley with it’s “cousin” track “Miles Away”.

Madonna is doing vocal arrangements in London while the dancers are rehearsing in New York.She will join them on June 20th.

******and more*****
some more news from “insiders”…..

***Jamie King is currently trying to convince Madonna to perform the following songs:

“Open Your Heart”
“Physical Attraction”
“Express Yourself”
“Justify My Love”
“Rescue Me”
“Bedtime Story”
“Take A Bow”
“Human Nature”

and a few others.He’s come up with some exciting new choreography/themes/ideas for these songs and plans to show Madonna when she returns to the rehearsals in New York.

***Madonna will definitely perform something from the Dick Track ’I’m Breathless’ album.That’s one of her favorite albums.


June 22, 2008. Entertainment, fun, Gay Gay Gay, Madonna, Music, yum.


  1. raincoaster replied:

    Good heavens, why are they pulling that poor man’s pants off? Is that part of a Fosse number?

  2. ambrosiality replied:

    hm more interested in the eyecandy! YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. ambrosiality replied:

    i think I’m making Mario my desktop!!

  4. clint replied:

    OMG!!!! To choose which one I want to have right now. I can’t make that decision. I want them all.

  5. lena replied:

    madonna’s concert was great. i love the pop-diva. your setlist is also on

  6. Mysty replied:

    Vogue is on the Dick Tracy album…

  7. Dori replied:

    Why isn’t Incredible on this list? 😦

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