Me and my roommate, Kelli, headed to Las Vegas this past Saturday. We originally wanted to go for two nights in March, but when Cher announced her dates at Caesar’s, we decided to change our trip to May for one night.

We had soo much fun. I’ve seen Cher before, but Kelli hasn’t and Cher is to Kelli what Madonna is to me.

Of course we had to take lots of pictures and video at the airport and the entire trip.

When we flew into Vegas it was about 2 pm and I was looking forward to hot weather and hitting the pool as soon as we got to the hotel and it turned out to be 68 degrees out. I couldn’t believe it. But we went into the pool anyways, which was freezing.

We had a few drinks and hit the buffet for lunch, which was hella good and then we headed out to the show. We stayed at the Stratosphere and it was surprisingly nice. Someone told me it was “Ghetto” but it was nice. The people staying there were not rich or fancy, which was fine because the people as Caesars were and they seemed like douchebags. So I was happy with where we were staying.

After a quick nap we had another few drinks and headed to see Cher at Caesars. We had better seats than I thought they were going to be and the who was good, but it wasn’t as good as the Farewell Tour. This show was all about costume changes, 17 of them, and so she would sing a song and then leave and show an clip of something old, and then come sing a song and then show another clip and then sing a song and then the dancers would do something. So it was kind of a bore sometimes, but it was still fun.

After the Cher show was when we started having lots of fun. We headed over to the Mirage and got some drinks and fed our money to slot machines. We then hit up Treasure Island, which was soo fun. We went to this party bar call Kahungaville. It was so much fun. The hot bartenders did a coyote ugly type performance and poured shots into all of our mouths. I was on the hunt for one of those two feet tall drinks with like twenty shots in them, and I finally one at this bar. I grabbed my drink and we left the hotel and then outside we were able to catch their big pirate ship show. Basically one ship is full of a bunch of half naked girls fight a ship of half naked guys. It was fun.

Then we headed back to our hotel to have more drinks. That walk was painfully long cuz I had to pee so bad. I ended up peeing behind some hut.

Then I recorded this video. Which I can’t believe I’m posting. I can’t really bring myself to watch it again, but i know some people will love it. But here ya go…haha…enjoy.

Once we got back to the Stratosphere I wanted to go on the Big Shot ride on the top where they shoot you up in the sky. I met a couple on there that loved my gay screaming and with the help of them I got to go on the ride a couple more times for free.

This is us in the morning, wrecked:

We finally flew back to SF at three.

We were in Vegas for about 36 hours, a quick trip. I felt like we were there for a week. We spent so much money and had so much fun, it was perfect. I’m going back to Vegas in about three weeks for FOUR DAYS.

How the hell am I going to survive that??


May 27, 2008. fun, scariness, talky blog, Thoughts, Vegas.

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