Hawaii 2008: Here comes the sun

Ok, so I am totally and shamelessly dragging out the story of my Hawaii trip I took with my family in February of this year. So, I posted the entry about the all the rain the first few days we were there and then the post extravaganza about our ziplining adventure….

Well the last two days that we were on Kauai we actually had some sun!!!! It was great.

The second to last full day we were there we traveled to the bottom of the island to a really nice beach. It was the perfect scene that I wish we had from the first day…the water was warm and clear, lots of people in the water out deep and it was just beautiful. Of course some dark clouds did move in a rain did fall but it didn’t spoil the time we had there…

And of course there were some hot lifeguards… and I tried to get some up close and personal pics:

For those of us that can not escape to the beach as much as we like, here is a little sample of what we are missing.

A rare glimpse of Benitta:

The last full day we had it was a super sunny nice day and we decided to just stay put and hang out at our resort, which was beautiful. On a sunny day our resort was awesome, so i was out there at like 7 am to claim a little island spot in the middle of the pool.

This is my favorite thing to do. Just laying in the sun by a pool or lake or beach and just drink and read my book.

This is the path from the fancy restaurant on the beach of the Hanalie Bay up to our resort:

And then finally, we had to go home. Benitta was in her usual airplane gear…


May 27, 2008. fun, Hawaii 2008, Life, Me Me Me!.

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