Ugly Betty and Grey’s Anatomy Last Night

Can we talk about something?

Did anyone see Ugly Betty last night…or should i say the hour long madonna video?

They used Give it 2 Me in the commercials for the episode but over the course of the show they used so many madonna songs…..Spanish Lesson, Candy Shop, Miles Away, She’s Not Me and Jump, of what i can remember maybe another one too. At the end when they used Jump, the editing was beautiful…

I love Madonna and I love Ugly Betty so I’m not complaining. It was fun but i think its hilarious that they would use that much Madonna in one show….

And then Grey’s Anatomy.

Um…that was hella good! I loved that Christina made a comeback and told Hahn to shut up! I loved that Hahn and the latin chick made out! I love that George grew some balls, finally! And Izzy grew some balls too, for that matter. But i thought it was creepy that the hot doc with the messed up girlfriend (Rebecca) wanted Izzy to kiss him when he’s all fucked up. If she get preggars, i’m not watching anymore.

And, of course, I love love love that Meredith finally got over her mommy issues and she and Derek got back together….They only had to kill about 13 people in the process, but ya know, thats good tv.

I can’t wait for the two hour LOST finale next week!


May 23, 2008. Entertainment, fun, Thoughts.

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