Dr. Laura is a crazy bitch

When I’m in the bathroom brushing or showering or what-have-you, I always turn the radio on. Usually its Energy 92.7 during the day (and ALWAYS Coast To Coast AM @ night) but a lot of the time my favorite independent dance station plays the same old songs over and over again. When this happens during the day time and I get bored I switch over to 560 AM (which hosts Coast to Coast in the pm) and listen to that crazy conservative bitch, Dr. Laura Shlessinger.

The thing about Dr. Laura is, I guess she subscribes to the school of tough, tough love. She has a huge fan base that listen to her show every single day. They are the reason that she even has a show. But I swear to God, every time someone calls in she insults them. It feels like she thinks that she is better than all of her hard working middle American blue caller listeners that buy all of her books and guides and see her in person.

For instance, I was just listening the other day and a woman called in and said she and her husband had some friends over for drinks. While her husband ran out with everyone else and left her with some guy she didn’t even know, she started making out with the guy and now she feels horrible and wonders if she should tell her husband.

Obviously she fucked up. We know that. But she is obviously scared and nervous and she is calling Dr. Laura for some advice and perhaps a healthy dose of sympathy. The doctor straight up asked, “Are you stupid?” She asked the woman how she could do that to her husband, who she has vows with and is the bread winner.

This goes on. She verbally abuses every caller. I hate it…but I love it to. Like Hanson in the late ’90’s, listening to the doc is like a guilty pleasure.

I can’t help it. What’s wrong with me? I sometimes fantasize about calling in and making up some big story that she would hate…..

Any ideas?


May 19, 2008. Entertainment, Me Me Me!, scariness, Thoughts.

One Comment

  1. leafless replied:

    This explains why so many people stay with their abusive partners. I bet the lady caller will reward Dr. Laura by buying her next book. 🙂

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