My memories of Kathleen Bolton by Mary Orlando

My mom knew Kathleen for over 30 years and she wanted share some thoughts and memories with KB’s friends and loved ones.

I met Kathleen in 1974 when I went to work nights in the ER at St. Luke’s hospital. She was an excellent nurse and taught me a lot about what I know about emergency medicine. She showed me about SF and transferred her love of the city to me. We would go to Stinson Beach , Russian River , neighborhood festivals and the ocean.

She helped me greatly when my children Carla and Jaime were born. I used to get sooo stressed about things that were new for me. Kathleen was always there to smooth things out and say, You can do this Mare!! She was a bundle of resources and never hesitated to share them.

Her loving energy was contagious. My family all lived back east so Kathleen and Debra became Aunties and loved that role. When I was coming out, she helped me to keep the focus on myself and not get caught up in guilt, shame or denial. I’ll never forget her for that.

 My Kids and I have great memories and tons of pictures of us in the “old Days’. My shock at how she died has changed to wonder at the thought of any one of us being here literally one minute and gone the next. She did not suffer, she did not linger in pain over an illness or injury. She was just being her self and the lights went out.

I choose to picture her in paradise with Debra and Amber, a loving family once again. I will always remember the good times we had, the emotions we shared and the generosity of her friendship.  Part of why my children are such cool people now is for knowing Kathleen.

With Love and Peace,

Mary Orlando


April 18, 2008. Life, Thoughts.

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  1. Sage B. Foster replied:

    I cannot locate the ssite that was set up to share memories of Kathleen with so many friends and family. I want to connect to it again and stay in touch as I process my own grief and that of others. Can you please help me locate the site?
    Thanks so much!

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