Hawaii 2008 Part 2: Ziplining

The most fun part of the trip to Kauai was the fourth day when Carla, Douglas and myself went ziplining! It was sooo much fun. By the end of the three hour trek I was enamored with the sport and even got an application to work at the adventure company. We’ll see what happens…

So we went ziplining. If you know me, you know I can be loud and goofy and if you’ve ever met my sister you know she is like me x1,000, and together, well…. you can figure it out. So we were the loud, crazy ones that everyone was kind of unsure about. After we received and put on our gear, there were two truck to take us to the ziplining course. The three of us go into one truck, and I swear to god, everyone else filed into the other truck and the left overs reluctantly climbed in with us. Bitches.

If you’ve never been ziplining then you suck and you have to do it. It is soo much fun. We did a total of 8 lines and the first one was this tiny, short one not very high off the ground, just go to get us, ya know, acclimated to the feel. then we had to hike through some mud and then fun began.

After the second zipline we had to walk across this wooden, swinging suspension bridge, two people at a time. Of course I had to cross with Carla and she, as always, had to fuck with. So she starts swinging and bouncing the bridge, which i hate. She cackling the whole time, i’m like, i just want some solid ground. Oh yes, I’ll put my life in the hands of strangers, strap on equipment I don’t know and hang from a wire 150 feet off the ground, but any kind of unstable bridge of ladder…vomit. Then the tour guide started swinging the bring, i’m like, thats unprofessional, bitch.

But the bridge did go over a waterfall and all, so it was ok. As with anywhere in Hawaii our surroundings were beautiful. Just lush green everywhere. And the rain had actually stopped long enough for us to get through except for some drizzle at the end.

Rhonda, our guide was awesome, she’s in this video. And the last one, actually. The run I do in this video, i think turned out really good, it was the smoothest of all the footage i took in the air…enjoy. Also it was the highest and longest, I think 150 ft high and 750 ft across. Amazing.

In the end I was in love with ziplining. I could see myself moving to Hawaii to be a zipline guide for a year…that would be awesome.

In the end everyone loved us. Douglas was the nice guy, Carla was the screamer and also volunteered to go first on the very first line, so she set the precedent and I did a lot of posing up in the air. You’d be surprised at how freeing it is to hang from wires over a huge canyon.

We took a ton of pictures…so here’s a little montage set to Madonna, of course, 4 Minutes mashed with Garbage’s Paranoid.


April 3, 2008. Entertainment, fun, Hawaii 2008.

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