World Bridges Pt. II

Ummm, So I hate to be terribly and undeniably predictable….but…I dropped out of the Word Bridges program.

Hear me out!

I went to the second meeting last Friday and it was enjoyable. The meeting was about fundraising and they gave us these worksheets that would help us figure out how much we would need to fundraise and my number was got up to $5,000. Say what!? I have fundraised in the past for the AIDS Marathon program and each of the two years I raised about $1,800. And it was a struggle both times. It is hard to raise money.

So I took all that in and then I really had to think about whether this is for me or not. Do I want to fundraise for that much money? Do I want to do a community internship? Do I want to be part of an 8 month program for three weeks of traveling? Is there another program for me? I mean, I know this was a good thing, but every time I would think about WB and all that is involved, I would just get stressed out. And maybe I need to find something that I’m really actually passionate about that brings me joy.

So I talked to my Mom….Ya know, the moms are always the touchstone the help you reason shit out. I think that this program wasn’t for me but that there is something out there and I just need to find it. As I said in my last World Bridges Post I have been trying lots of things out in the past two years to bring growth and change to my life and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. (Bono, is that you?)

Plus at the fundraising meeting I was talking with a travel advisor called Melissa. Melissa told me how she traveled around Australia for a year on a work visa and she had the best time ever. She called it “selfish traveling.” Australia is like, my number one destination and I know of this deal that they have where you can get a flight to Australia with three flights within the continent and a flight home for around $1,500. So I think I’m gonna do that. Backpack around Australia fora month…that’ll be cool. Find my self and shit?

I’ll let ya know what happens.


March 6, 2008. Life, World Bridges.

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