More New Madonna Album Tid-bits

This is from MadonnaTribe

The excitement over Madonna’s new album is growing more and more, and more album trivia and tidbits are just in to tease us fans eager to bite Madonna’s Hard Candy”. We’ve learned that…

“Heartbeat” does indeed start with the sound of a heart beating (and wouldn’t it be very cool if this one turns out to be the sound of Madonna’s own heart?).

The vocoder is back in the final section of the song“Give It To Me” that ends with the wind blowing.

“Incredible” is the longest song on the album, with a running time of over 6 minutes! “Devil” starts with a melancholic piano solo and that the last thing you’ll hear when the album ends is the sound of a bell stroken at the end of “Voices”.

“This album is incredibly rich from a musical point of view”, a source tells Madonna Tribe. “You can barely find a song with a traditional verse-chorus structure, most of the tracks have a more complex set-up with bridges, alternate verses and pre-choruses.”
“And the best part is that Madonna is actually singing on most of them, with a magnificent, prominent voice.

From what we hear – just to mention one song – Madonna performs four different melodies in “Voices” – no matter if this is one of the album’s shortest tracks, and she sings them one right after another in an amazing sequence of music and lyrics.


March 6, 2008. Gay Gay Gay, Madonna, Music.

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