Insurance! Totally worth it.

So I have been really sick lately with this shitty flue that has been going around.  I knew that going to the doctor wouldn’t do much for me because, really, all I need is rest and lots of water.  But I haven’t been to the doctor in a really, really long time, so I thought it was time to go.  PLUS I finally bought some insurance a few months back and haven’t had the opportunity to flash my new, cool, pink insurance card.  I swear, it really is pink.

 So I went to the Kapla Medical Group   and it was the best experience ever. It was a very nice, clean office, the doctor was actually friendly and non-judgmental. And he actually spent about an hour with me. I was shocked.

This is quite a change from my last two medical experiences. The last time I went to a doctor I had to go to a free clinic in a side alley in the Civic Center. There was a scary homeless guy trying to show and tell me all about his big feather. Yes, he had a huge nasty feather. And, apparently, someone was smoking crack in the bathroom. Before this, a number of years ago, I spent a night at waiting room for the Emergency Room at San Francisco General Hospital. That was one of the scariest and moving nights I’ve ever had. I can’t go into everything that happened, but I’ll just say a homeless man that smelled like some serious shit took a liking to me because I gave him a cigarette.

Moral of the story: Get insurance!!! Its totally worth it. I got a really inexpensive plan that gives good medical and dental coverage. Mental health and vision is not their specialty. It’s Tonik with Blue Cross. Check it out.


February 28, 2008. Life, Me Me Me!.

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  1. Dawn Fiorucci replied:

    I totally agree. I have Tonik Insurance too. It saved me last Christmas. I would have just sucked it up until my ankle got worse- doctor said I would have had long term damage had I not gotten it fixed.

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