If you’re in San Francisco….


Castro Street has been transformed to its former 70’s glory for the Harvey Milk biopic film starring Sean Penn as Milk.  It’s amazing. I ride through the Castro everyday to get to work and every time, my face is pressed against the window to take in as much as I can.  There are tons of extras decked out in full 70’s gear, I can see their props tables and wardrobes laid out.  Even the crafts services table is entrancing.   The store fronts of many shops on the street have taken the look they had over thirty years ago.  They even have all the vintage cars driving up and down the street. I haven’t seen Sean Penn yet, but I did see his campaign headquarters with a huge campaign poster of Penn as Milk.  

 I can not wait to see the movie because I know I will be watching it and see certain cars and extras and I will be able to say I rode by that scene on the bus on the way to work…


January 31, 2008. Entertainment, fun, Gay Gay Gay.

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