Ok, I have just discovered something fabulous for us SF dwellers.  Well I discovered it a couple of months ago, but didn’t fully understand what it was, but now I do and I’m super excited for us. 

It is SFZero.  A virtual/real life game San Franciscans can play alone and with each other.  You know those video games like World of Warcraft, with characters and levels and tasks and points and all the shit like that?    

Well that is exactly what SFZero is only in real life.  You sign on and create your account and make your “character,” who is actually you,  and then you complete tasks and provide proof of completion and earn points and climb the levels.  There are even Eras!  

I just signed up and am super  excited.   A new era begins on January 12 (all points/teams/levels/alliances are null and void when a new era begins) so thats when i’ll be really be kicking it into high gear as DivaFantastic the task master.  But until then, i’m trying to get as many people to sign up to play before then.  So go to SFZero, check it all out and sign up and lets have some random, FREE, interactive fun!!!

January 8, 2008. Entertainment, fun, sites I love.

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