urban dictionary word of the day: mental constipation

Urban Dictionary word of the day:


An inability to articulate one’s thoughts or ideas, resulting in
significant psychological distress and frustration.

Typically, this form of [cognitive impaction] is self-resolving.
However, in cases where productive interchange with the afflicted is
urgently needed, a [deadline] may be administered; indeed, this has proven to
be one of the most effective treatments for stubborn cases of mental

Mark: “So, you know, it’s like… uh, er… damn, you know, that, uh…
Dave: “Yeesh. It’s too bad that they don’t make a laxative for mental


December 5, 2007. random.

One Comment

  1. Rudy replied:

    Dave, there is a laxative for everything. You just have to seach for it. It the case of not be able release the right words from you brain, it would be best to take brain nutrients like, choline, DMAE, lecithin, MSM, lithium aspertate, and many other.

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