13 tracks – candy theme – singles – guests – track titles


XCLUSIVE – Drowned Madonna can tell you Madonna album listening party in details.

The room was decked out in a candy theme, champagne was being served, candy everywhere you look for everyone. The conference room it was held in was totally transformed.

There were red and white stripes & stools as the theme plus like colored bricks and lots of candy all over.

There were all Re-Invention Tour stage shots in the room including a big poster that may be the cover of the Lisbon DVD. No other photos of anything else, just RIT.

Madonna came at 5:30pm with Ingrid Casares and Guy Oseary, wearing all black – blouse, skirt, and boots. Liz Rosenberg was there of course, she is the one who organized the party and set up the theme.

Madonna sat on a couch with Liz Rosenberg and Ingrid Casares as the tracks played.

Madonna dictated what tracks would be played and specifically said they were not being played in any order.

She said she had just finished mixing the album a few days ago.

Madonna played “Candyshop,” then “4 Minutes To Save The World” first. She then had a vote on which one would be the first single. She said many times throughout the session that the first single has yet ot be decided.

She is all about “Candy Shop” and looked upset and surprised there was a better reaction to “4 Minutes To Save The World”.

“4 Minutes To Save The World” is like a dancey “Hey You”. It goes something like “Hey girl, save the world…”.

“The Beat Goes On” sounds NOTHING like the demo we heard. As we told you, it features Kanyes West. Madonna said it’s not a single. Madonna made the song out to seem like a joke.

“Miles Away” and “The Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You” has then been played.

Many times she would not announce the names of songs before playing them but there were sogns with the following main hooks:

“She’s Not Me” , “Feel It In My Heartbeat” and “Dance Tonight” .

There is also a song which Madonna called a “psychological mind f*ck” which questioned who was the master or slave, if youre walking the dog or the dogs walking you.

Finally, Madonna said there are thirteen tracks, but she only played 10 songs.

December 4, 2007. Entertainment, Gay Gay Gay, Madonna, Music.


  1. usmanfound replied:

    When are the tracks being leaked. LOL

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