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Madonna’s new song ‘so hot’
Posted: 01 December 2007 – From Monsters and Critics
Madonna’s new song with Pharrell Williams is so ‘hot’ it will ‘make the music speakers bleed’.
The ‘Hung Up’ singer has been in the studio with hit producer Pharrell creating tracks for her upcoming album, and he claims their collaboration will take the music industry by storm.
Speaking at the launch of his new shop Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream in New York on Wednesday, Pharrell said:
‘It was crazy. I don’t want to say too much. I’d rather wait for you to hear it. It’s awesome though. It makes the speakers bleed. It’s hot!’
Earlier this month, it was reported Pharrell had been recording with the 49-year-old singer at Record Plant Studios in Los Angeles.
The pair reportedly bumped into Kanye West, who was working with Michael Jackson in a studio next-door, inspiring the hip-hop star to rap on one of Madonna’s new songs.
Last month, Madonna signed a $120 million, 10-year record deal with Live Nation Inc. and plans to release her first studio album with the label early next year.
Also set to feature on the hotly-anticipated LP are star producer Timbaland and ‘SexyBack’ singer Justin Timberlake.


December 1, 2007. Entertainment, Madonna, Music.

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