in loving memory of rebecca ohlson

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing
of our beloved Rebecca Ohlson—daughter, sister, love,
and friend. She brought so much joy to everyone she
knew with her beautiful and generous spirit.

In her honor we will be dedicating trees in two of her
favorite spots, one in Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY
and another in Dolores Park in San Francisco, CA.

Please take a moment to make a small donation for
Rebecca, so that her family and friends can keep her
memory alive from coast to coast. There will be
dedication ceremonies to take place in both locations.

Please visit for further
instructions on how to donate. Also please forward
this on to anyone who may have known her.

We’ll never forget you, Rebecca. You’re a legend, and
will always be remembered as young, beautiful and full
of life.

Until we meet again, love and miss.

This is one of those instances where it is shoved in my face not to take life for granted.

I did not know Rebecca that well. I met her in April of 2006 when I visited my friend Megan in New York. Last weekend Megan was here in San Francisco. I hadn’t seen her since my visit. We met up at the restaurant Rebecca worked at. We went and got drinks, Rebecca joined us. Rebecca talked of her boyfriend in NY and her plans to move back to the East Coast in the new year. She was very New York, tough but personable, great laugh. The three of us got sushi and then went for another drink before Megan and I headed to the Trannyshack Pagaent, Rebecca heading home.

Never in a million years, while we were sitting there eating sushi, would I have thought that just 24 hours later, on her birthday, Rebecca would be dead. Who knew we were spending, essentially, her last hours with her?

Thats life. Don’t waste it.


November 26, 2007. Life, Thoughts.

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