So I went home last week for about five days. It was very very refreshing. I spent all five days waking up early and by 9am laying out by the pool. I got lots of rest and a really great tan. I also ate a ton of food.

My family and I are going to Hawaii in February. Now, we’re a bunch of heffers. We come from big Italian/Polish people and wieght has been an issue for all of us for as long as i can remember. My mom’s partner, Benitta, pronounced to us that she was going to lose 20 pounds before we went by taking shit pills and not drinking beer (indirect methods if you ask me).

So i proposed that a challenge of sorts. I proposed that we do kind of a Biggest Loser: Orlando/San Felippo Family Challenge. The rules are just like the show, whoever loses the largest percentage of weight before we go to Hawaii in February get $100 from each of the other family members and bragging rights, which will be utilized fully, i’m sure, during the vacation.

We all weighed ourselves at the end of the weekend before Carla and I left my mom’s house. I won’t disclose any one else’s weight because i’m sure they would hate that. But as for me, I currently weigh 240 pounds! Damn! I think this is the heaviest i’ve ever been, but i’ve felt much worse in the past.

So over the next six months i’ll be posting updates in writing and video blogs on this website to track my progress. Ideally I’d like to lose about 50 lbs, which will be a challenge, but definitely is not impossible. I think i have the best chance of winning because, one, i’m a boy, and we just lose weight more easily, but also i think i have the least psyochological obstacles……i think.

We’ll see.

I”ve lost a lot of weight before, but not this much and not for this long. This time, no pills, no starvation, no self abuse. Just healthier eating and more excercise. I hope i win, for myself, cuz that will….well i don’t care if i win the game, i just want to lose the weight for myself. But i hope my mom takes this seriously. She is the heaviest but she also needs to lose weight the most. She’s getting older and her heart can carry around her body for only so long….

So wish me luck and check back here for updates.



August 21, 2007. Life, Me Me Me!.

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