the great vegan experiment

Two weeks ago marked the end of my wonderful week as a vegan. So how was it, in retrospect? Way better than I ever expected it to be. It is surprising the amount of great food out there that does not contain any animial product: meat, cheese, butter and eggs. I definitely missed having a big slab of chicken or some gooey cheese in pasta, but I did not miss at all the tied up feeling those same foods would give me at times. Ya know, that feeling after you’ve had a great, big meal that tasted so good but wasn’t the best for your body.

AND….I lost 10 pounds! In a week. That was the best part of the entire experience. Although, the end of my vegan week was followed by the memorial day weekend at my mom’s house aka big barbeque around the pool. I ate so much meat that I think I gained back all of the ten pounds I lost. Oh well. That BBQ chicken was HELLA GOOD!

So am I converted for good?

Hell no! I’m Italian, I need cheese and meat. But for now, starting today, I am back to the vegan diet. Hey, Pride is in a little less than two weeks, I wouldn’t mind losing another ten before the big weekend. And it just makes me feel better.

I would suggest everyone to try it for a week. Try it: seven days, no meat, cheese, butter or eggs. Just see how you feel. You will love it.


June 11, 2007. Life, Me Me Me!.

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