killing my lobster and marathon madness

Last Friday night, I ventured out into the financial district around Battery and Jackson streets. My comrades and I searched far and wide for the small Eureka theatre. After exploring many little allies and finally knocking on the doors of a small, closed office, the apprehensive gentleman in a suit pointed us in the right direction.

After dining at the prestigious Quiznos next door, we bought our discounted tickets—with our expired student IDs—got our $3 beer in the lobby and settled into our front row seats to a show that was sure to impress, or so we were told.

The show? Killing My Lobster Saves the Day. Killing My Lobster is a fabulous sketch comedy and improv group here in SF. The show is an ode to all the superheroes in our favorite comics and our own demented imaginations. There was even a video tribute to the ultimate superhero and his humungous bulge: Superman!

My co-worker, the fabulous actress, Erin Carter, was one of the six performers, and the shining star of the show if you ask me.

It was hilarious. From jazzy numbers about tight tights and great capes to needing to be rescued from Glenn Park Canyon, the show is amazingly perverse and simply fun. So if you’re looking for something random and fun to do this weekend then check out this show! This weekend is their last run; tickets are cheap, about $17. Check out for more info!

Ok, now about running and marathon training.

Unfortunately I have been out of commission for a while now. My knee just has not been the same since the 17 mile run. A couple of weeks ago I pretty much was convinced that I was out for good. I was actually rehashing this said revelation with my best friends Mae and Mike at The Metro in the Castro when who walks out on the patio? My running back up singer, Mat! This was the boost I needed. I hadn’t seen any of my running buddies since the…actually, I can’t even remember the last time I ran with them.

So we refilled our cosmos to chit some chats. He convinced me to just show up that Saturday and run, just see how far I could go. I said OK. But of course I had to go for a little run before Saturday, just to open up and clear my lungs. So I lumbered out into GGPark, early on Friday morning. It was so nice to be back in the park with fresh air galore. I felt like a runner again. So I headed up JFK Drive, my fave route for maintenance runs. I was doing pretty good, huffin’ and puffin’ past the bridge and waterfall, but by the time I hit the rose gardens, I had to head back because my knee was just not having it.

So just after two miles my knee was pretty much giving up on me. It ached all through work that evening. So I didn’t end up showing up for training that Saturday, because if I couldn’t hit the three-mile marker, I didn’t really want to get up at 6.30 am to attempt 10 miles, knowing I wouldn’t make it very far.

So where does that leave me now? Shit out of luck, I’m pretty sure. I’ve tried running since, but my knee is just pissed at me. I’ve been doing the stretches I was given at Presidio Sport & Medicine. My knee hurts sometimes just after working my shift at Pasta P, so maybe it has to do with my shoes. My Mom said I need orthotics…?

Strange, though, a lot of runners at the marathon training are injured. In my group alone four out of nine of us were out on this last run due to injury. (It was the 23 mile run this last Saturday.) And of the five people that did attempt it, only three made it to the finish. It was our groups turn to bring food, and when I went to drop off my contribution, I noticed there were not that many people there to run. Last year there weren’t nearly as many injuries by a long shot….I’m just sayin.’

With the marathon about six weeks away and seeing that I haven’t had a good run in close to that same amount of time, I’m not sure I will be able to run it. This makes me super sad, not because I am actually aching to run another 26.2 miles before the buttcrack of dawn, but because I wanted to run it with my group members. They are the best group I could have ever hoped to be paired with. (In addition to last year’s Salazars, of course!)
But they will do well and I will be there to cheer them on come marathon day. I hope to at least join them for the shorter runs. I hope.

Fundraising wise, I have raised about $1,400! Thank you so much to those who have donated. But it is crunch time. I need to hit $1,800 by June 18. So if you’ve been meaning to donate, now would be a fabulous time!

Peace & Love,

Runner #7386


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