the great vegan experiment – day 4

Ok, so i’m at the top of the day four of the being a vegan and you know what? Its actually not that bad. Though i have been told it makes me a lesbian.

The first day was the hardest because i had some nasty salad for lunch that is usually really good because it has cheese and bacon all over it. In bed that night, I didn’t think i was going to make it. On day two I woke up hungry and doubtful. But that was also the day i realized you can be vegan and eat good food…. On my way to work I was about to pass out from hunger and i remembered my vegan inspiration, jessie, came to work one time with a burrito that looked hella good. So i called her and asked what she got…. Thats when i discovered the vegan burrito= a spinach tortilla with black beans and rice, roasted veggies, tofu in some sauce(hella good!), salsa and guacamole! That thing saved me. It was soo tasty and I didn’t feel disgustingly full as i would have if i had the same sized burrito stuffed with meat, cheese and sour cream.

So i don’t think this week will be too bad. I got some Rice Dreams to replace my milk, which you can’t even really tell the diff, and some cereal. I”m eating more fruit and veggies and i never feel gross after eating….

Maybe those crazy, hungry, treehugging hippy vegans are on to somthing….


May 20, 2007. Me Me Me!.

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