When I was satisfied
There was no putting aside
The feelings that I now try to hide
So no one can see the pain inside

The frustration and stress
Lacking all glamour and finesse
That I used to easily possess
Back in the age of satisfaction

Myself floats in a bubble
Avoiding all trouble
Too safe to experience
All there is to encounter and uncover

Satisfaction equals change
This scenery is dull and static
A new view is in need
For me to feel the way fit for a queen

This music grooves me
And my people move me
Nowhere has there been such a mood
More satisfying as being with my brood

But back to me
Is where I need to be
Something said so perfectly
And with this branch they wail on me

They say you know this
And I say I know it
And the universe dealt it
Cards made of knives, sharp as love

When I say goodbye to this great plain
Will I be in the know of what they say

Satisfaction is the place to be
What that is is the challenge before me
Mystery is what revolves
Only with this is there a chance to evolve


May 11, 2007. Life, Me Me Me!, Poetry, Thoughts.

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