those who run seem to have all the fun

Hi everyone!

I guess this email has turned monthly as opposed to its weekly intent. My friend recently formed a business out of making pot cookies and bars, etc, and well, any good friend would try the product to give feedback. Needless to say I’ve been passing out early on Saturdays. I’ll do my best to get back on track.


First let me begin by telling you about the members of my running group, I don’t think I’ve ever done this yet.

The Gay Boys
Me: Jaime, the fabulous Pace Group Leader with a penchant for belting out Madonna songs while running and keeping my runners going.
Mat: My exquisite back up singer. He’s a bit trashy and I love it. If there is any hot shirtless jogger within a five-mile radius of us, Mat can sniff him out. He is one of two members of the group that keep me going when I’m ready to poop out.
Josh: This queen is the other one that keeps me going. He is a cook at Michael Minna and occasionally does drag. In recent weeks he has become my second back up singer and has raised, like, $5000. Whatever.
Winson: He is our self-proclaimed token Asian runner who every week is breaking more and more out of his shell. We see his inner queen beginning rise to the throne.

The Straight Boys:
Rob: This is our BFG, big friendly giant, and resident photographer. Being the tallest of the group is also able to go the fastest and tends to leave us in his dust. It’s hard to ever get upset with him because his demeanor is very warm and gentle.
Sean: The red head humanitarian type who is quiet most of the time. I haven’t seen him in a while because I was out for a few weeks with my injured knee and the first week I came back was his first week being gone with his injured knee.
Dustin: This is our GPS navigator. He wears a running watch that is as big as a small brick and can locate anything in the world…I think.

The Girls
Michelle: I love Michelle, but I give her the hardest time out of everyone in the group. I can’t help myself, its too much fun because she bites back. She is great because she complains so much about stuff and she knows it. She also has a Master’s in social work and helps people for a living, so I always got her back.
Angela: Angela is a hot little number. She’s fun and funny and keeps Michelle under control.

Last week we ran seventeen miles. Sean was out with a bum knee but the rest of the Miki’s were dreading the long run because the long ones seemed to be hit or miss for us. I was absent for the twelve miler but I heard it was pretty rough, the fourteen mile run went very smoothly, but we’ve been super tired on our recovery run every other week.
The run went surprisingly well. We started off in great spirits, joking around and singing our asses off. There were some moments when we lost total sense of left and right. Literally. I see a sign that says ‘turn left,’ I scream ‘RIGHT!’ and like a bird of a feather we flocked together, in complete lyrical unison…to the left. We were made for each other.

Then a car hit me.

Well, actually, I hit the car. It was parked. I was telling some story and I totally sideswiped the mirror and door. What? It came out of nowhere. Shut up.

It was towards the end of the run that we began to feel the strain of such an extreme distance. Besides myself, this was the furthest distance anyone in the group had ever run. Around mile ten Dustin began to experience shin splints and was forced to bow our on the run a couple miles later.

I began to feel pain in my knee again, but not the right knee, that was attacked by that awful piece of lettuce a while back, it was my left knee in pain now . In the end I had to stop at mile sixteen. So close, but no cigar. Angela, Michelle and I think Josh were also feelin’ it in the knees, but they all finished strong with Rob and Michelle sprinting through the finish line. Crazy bitches.

Yesterday we did, what was supposed to be an easy 8 mile recovery run. From the beginning Dustin and myself were feeling the pain that began last week. After two miles, Dustin had to head back. He’s a fighter and really didn’t want to stop. I should have been smarter and went with him because my knee was not in top shape.

This was a fun run because, for the first time, our Coach Marko ran with us for about a mile and we got to talk to him for a little bit. It was really nice because it was the first time we really got to bond with our coach and if you’ve ever trained for something you know you need to feel at least a little connection with the person that will lead you to the finish line.

Josh, Mat and myself even sang our rendition of Like a Prayer, which we learned was Marko’s favorite Madonna song.

After being led by Marko himself off the mapped course into some beautiful paths, a showcase of the natural elegance the park has to offer, Michelle really began to feel the pain of her t-ban. With only a mile left I walked with Michelle back to camp.

I’m frustrated with my knees, but am taking precautions. I’ve already made an appointment at Presidio Sport & Medicine. So I’m keeping my health as my top priority, even if that means I cannot complete this year’s marathon. That would only such because I would not be with my team as they crossed the finish line. I’ve already ran a marathon and know how great it feels, this year the joy would come from seeing my compadres cross that 26.2 marker on marathon day.

You know what would take my pain away?

If you donated to my AIDS Marathon fund, all of which goes to Bay Area AIDS Organizations.


Jaime San Felippo
Runner #7386


May 6, 2007. Life, Me Me Me!.

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