My faith in LOVE has been firmly reinstated

Picture this:
May 4, 2006, I’m working my shift at Pasta P, slopping pasta about, shuffling through the sea of three year olds that swamp us each night and being my usual charming crazy self. To-gos that night was particularly busy and people waiting for their orders had to wait a demi-decade. Amongst the crowd of hungry Noe Valley dwellers I spotted a vivacious blond young women talking with a man that was half hot man, half dignified gentleman. The chemistry they had created a glow that could be seen a mile away. Ignoring my tables, I watched the two young lights talking, thinking they are so in love it makes me puke in my mouth a little. In a good way.

If you’ve ever experienced my serving you know I kinda just say random shit out of nowhere and treat people like they’re my best friend, even if it’s the first time meeting them. That being my mindset that night, I walked up to the supposed couple and told them, “ You guys look like you’re about to have sex. How long have you been together?”

“We’re not together, we just met,” she giggled. He was giving a cute, red-faced grin.

“No shit,” I ranted on, not even looking back at my forsaken tables. “Then you guys need to get together! You look perfect for each other. I’m hella serious.”

They smiled and laughed and looked nervously/flirtatiously at each other. She seemed very excited by all this. By this time I could feel the daggers in my back from my needful guests. So I left the new BFF’s with each other and went back to my cheering section.

By the time I got back to the to-go area he was gone and she was aglow and giddy.

“Girrrrl! What happened? He was cute! Did you exchange numbers? Tell me!”

She informed me that they had a really great conversation and both were very into each other. They had exchanged numbers and she was very excited to see what would happen. She informed me that his name was Andy and hers Sue.

I told her to tell me when the wedding happens. That was the last time I saw them.

Cut To:
May 3, 2007, I’m working my shift at Pasta P, slopping around pasta, pushing around those damn three year olds—I swear to God they’ve doubled in the year that has past, and just being my crazy self. The shift went smoothly, I made good money and I was off pretty early. I come back upstairs onto the floor from cashing out in the warm, damp dungeon that is our basement office. My fabulous friend and co-worker, Eman, was greeting a new table. It seemed they were having some kind of excitement. I come around the front bar and close to their corner table.

Eman was obstructing my view of the couple sitting there, but then I see an arm shoot around him pointing at me, exclaiming, “That’s him!”

Eman turns to me, “Him?”

Sue waves me over. Now, I have a stoner memory, so everything is just a tiny bit fuzzy, so I wasn’t too sure who this crazy lady was. But she and her man, Andy, were all excited to see me. I couldn’t place them and Sue was telling me that they were at Pasta P, exactly a year ago and it was me that said they needed to get together and that’s why they exchanged numbers and were together today.

I was floored. Instantly their faces rose from my melting pot of memories. That night was so long ago, I can’ believe an entire year had gone by and they had actually been together whole time.

Sue told me that they went out a week after fate joined them at the neighborhood pasta joint. The chemistry and glow between is so much stronger than when I first laid eyes on them. It was incredible; you could tell they thoroughly enjoyed each other.

It was nice to see that mixture of love, romance and fate. Very modern fairytale for the everyday…..skeptic? I must admit this gives bit of promise for all us single San Francisco bitches. I’m glad I could be part of such a meeting.

Like last year, I told them to come get me when the wedding happens, but this time I actually mean it.


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  1. Jaclyn replied:


  2. MaeMae replied:

    Toooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! I’m an emotional wreck right now, so after reading this beautiful post (written by a beautiful person), I had to hold back the tears of joy! I love you Jaime!! Smooches!

  3. The Steve replied:

    Yowtch, that was fun to read! Your writing style, sir, is captivating, warmly detailed, and easy to get involved in. Quelle image des mots!

  4. kydney replied:

    the next time u tell that story u can sit on my lap and tell it. that was beautiful. (like me.)

  5. Mary Orlando replied:

    From the moment you were born you have amazed me. I am so blessed to have a son who I also consider a friend, confidant, ally and advisor. Though we went through the trials and tribulations of all parents and children we have transended to a higher plain. That doesn’t mean yu don’t have to pay off your credit cards and call me more often!!!!! Your insight into the human experience thrills me with each word. I like to think some of that came from me. Peace, MOM

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