A cute little man I was servicing…I mean serving the other night told me of what his post-meal night was going to consist of; He was to attend an exclusive get together of the SF A-List.. This exclusive group that anyone can join was conjured a year ago yesterday by a young homo gentleman that was sick of the same old gay scene in the Castro. So, as any young gay man desperate for some new fun would do, he turned to the internet and creat www.sfalist.com. On the website you can join the mailing list and recieve an email a few times a month including the time and location of the next event where a bunch of the gays will gather, usually a spot outside of the Castro. Remember, thats the A-gays, mind you.

Now, I don’t really consider myself an ‘A-gay’ yet. These are usually the successful, superconfident bordering arrogant and self-obsessed. These are the men that command whatever room they are in. I”m kind of like a C or D-gay. I’m the fuckin’ Kathy Griffin of the gays. I’m funny and give the people a good time, but I’m not really the one they’re lining up for. When I go out we have fun and I command my own little world of friends and fans but still get those sideway glances from the snotty skinny bitches. Sometimes.

So, of course, I totally signed up. If you look at the web site, they have a bunch of pictures of past gatherings. I don’t know if the creator is happy with the results He created this site as an alternative to the Castro-clone scene and yet all you see in the pictures are twinky, yuppy homos that are a dime a dozen in the Stro.

But I am eagerly awaiting my first SF A-List invitation. I’ll have my two bitches in tow, Mike and Eman, an annoying couple that I love to hate to love, and happen to be two of my best friends. The three of us will get wasted and probably make fools of ourselves and it’s going to be totally fabulous.

And of course i’ll be writing all about it here, for the 1.8 people that actually read this blog.


May 4, 2007. Gay Gay Gay, Me Me Me!.

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